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  1. I own about 50 PSX games, and about 20 Saturn games. Not huge collections, but I basically held onto my absolute faves.
  2. Turbo-Grafx 16 for one game: Blazing Lazers. Play it today, and it's still awesome!
  3. Great list... I forgot how awesome Soul Reaver and Silent Hill were!
  4. My list is probably predictable, but I have a couple of oddballs in their as well: 1. Final Fantasy 7 - some people dog it now, but I have never been more enthralled in a game in my life! 2. Metal Gear Solid - holds up remarkably well all these years later 3. Castlevania SotN - still great after all these years! 4. Tekken 3 - surpassed by sequels, but at the time, I couldn't put it down 5. Ape Escape - still my favorite non-Mario 64 platformer from that era 6. Tomb Raider - the first, and still the best in the series (though I loved 2 as well) 7. Ace Combat 2 - the best flight-based game of the era 8. Gran Turismo - I picked the first because, even though 2 was better, the first was so mind-blowing when it released 9. Syphon Filter - Despite some rough edges, still one of my faves. 10. Wipeout XL - I loved playing this game until the wee hours of the morning There are so many other faves I had as well (Jumping Flash, Einhander, Alundra, Moto Racer, Oddworld, One, etc) that I will disagree with my own list ten minutes after I posted it.
  5. I still love Nights... I have the original for the Saturn, but the PS2 version never came out in the U.S., so I never had the opportunity to pick up that one.
  6. I was a big SNES fan back in the hey-day of the console wars, but I secretly enjoyed the following Genesis games the most: 1. Gunstar Heroes 2. Sonic 2 3. Castlevania Bloodlines 4. Contra Hardcorp 5. Strider 6. Kid Chameleon 7. Vectorman 8. Streets of Rage 9. Rocket Knight Adventures 10. X-Men (the first, Sega-exclusive one) Ranger X was awesome... forgot about that one!
  7. I love these top 10 lists. Keep in mind that I was not an RPG gamer back when I played a lot of SNES, so that is why my list is devoid of Square's finest: 1. Super Metroid 2. Super Mario World 3. Zelda 3 4. Contra 3 5. Mega Man X 6. Donkey Kong Country 2 7. Street Fighter 2 Turbo 8. Batman Returns 9. Super Star Wars (series) 10. TMNT 4: Turtles In Time
  8. I still own the following: Dreamcast Sega Saturn N64 Super NES Playstation 2
  9. Wow, talk about bringing back memories... the first system I owned was the NES, bought for me by my parents. The first system that I ever boughtmyself was the Sega Saturn, which still holds a very dear place in my heart!