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  1. From my Archives - NES "Title Insurance" Brochure - so few games! http://t.co/osiakEz8

  2. Howard & Nester Comic drawing CONTEST launched today over on the Gamemaster Howard page... your chance to share... http://t.co/qiVGZVE0

  3. Howard & Nester Comic Contest! - Are you a comic artist? If so,get to work today(!) and draw a Howard & Nester... http://t.co/YRGoO950

  4. From my Archives - The Complete real FINAL HOWARD & NESTER comic – There you have it! Included is the obvious... http://t.co/jgtGy4pk

  5. THE GAME OF MY LIFE – Pre-Nintendo Early Years + carpooling with Bill Gates (really!)Press START to begin... http://t.co/jnkyANxo

  6. From my Archives - The real FINAL HOWARD & NESTER comic pt2– Funny story related to the comic: Our racing at Tokyo... http://t.co/rabuD6Bc

  7. I just posted a fun (?) image over on Gamemaster Howard. Its an original inked Howard & Nester comic that was... http://t.co/WRQ5a7nw

  8. From my Archives - The real FINAL HOWARD & NESTER comic - Never before released or published in Nintendo Power,... http://t.co/RweHcXJX

  9. New scans from my Archives coming shortly...

  10. Interestingly, Now You're Knitting With Power at http://t.co/uOoDQEqx is a story with broad... http://t.co/JTB7s5EF

  11. I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/U3A6qRHS

  12. From my Archives - 1986 NES brochure handed out at CES - did any of you attend? Click LIKE if you want me to scan... http://t.co/0Fwr588A

  13. "NOW YOU'RE KNITTING WITH POWER." - methinks I just turned a 25-year-old tagline into a powerful 2012 meme... : )

  14. NES Knitting Machine pic - Hi-Rez... given the interest in this I've made a higher-quality scan for those who... http://t.co/RlcMOfxd

  15. KNIT ONE, NINTENDO - and Martha Groves mentioned it in her Los Angeles Times article dated Jan 12, 1987.... http://t.co/xNTiPh7t

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