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  1. Can safely say I have no interest in #MOTD tonight

  2. Another thing on Hamilton,Mclaren matched what Merc offered so not about money clearly.

  3. Sick of waiting for this FUT app,gotta team to build..at work :)

  4. “@EASPORTSFIFA: .@Arsenal #FIFA13 cover download: http://t.co/kpD8c8ht” for you @kezsen

  5. F1 2012 ordered before 8 and dispatched in hour,@shoptonet FTW :)http://t.co/QT0hrzPK

  6. Skills by welbeck lol

  7. Does make me laugh when Top Prem teams put out a best XI in the Carling Cup #scrubs

  8. What a dive for that freekick #CapitalOneCup #LUFC

  9. I want FIFA NOW!!

  10. Another iOS 6 fail,iTunes.

  11. FIFA 13 demo,Kieran Gibbs getting paced by no marks,typical FIFA

  12. Ljungberg what a legend lol

  13. Good to see Lawro talking sense for once and he's ex Liverpool.

  14. Not only does iOS 6 get rid of YouTube,there is no proper YouTube app for iPad to install..madness.

  15. Don't do this very often, but come on Arsenal.

  16. Tony Pulis moaning about a tackle,fucking Hypocrite.

  17. “@liam_abrown House at the End of the Street Review: http://t.co/koI7g2VV”

  18. My 60hr week finishes TODAY!! :)

  19. Forget you iPhone 5 its all about Borderlands 2 this weekend. #Borderlands2 @GearboxSoftware

  20. Boss has gone early :)

  21. Nail Quinn keeps pronouncing it Galtasary lol