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  1. The time and money spent on monthly cover art in this era was so impressive.
  2. I agree, very awesome to see the EGM set coming together. Can't wait to read through them.
  3. Oh man, I thought Kerri Hoskins as Sonya Blade was heaven back in the day.
  4. I always loved the super collage painting of SSF2 that is on issue 51. It's usually cropped, but looks awesome seeing the full painting.
  5. The 32x looks like a vacuum cleaner in this pic.
  6. EGM has really gotten some great additions lately, thanks everyone!
  7. Although not a mass popular title, I loved me some cool spot back in the day.
  8. Yeah, the SF2/MK era really dominated game mags of the time. EGM may have been the worst offender.
  9. Includes a short preview of the toploader NES with square controllers that are half original/half dogbone I've never seen before. Very cool.