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  1. The time and money spent on monthly cover art in this era was so impressive.
  2. I agree, very awesome to see the EGM set coming together. Can't wait to read through them.
  3. Oh man, I thought Kerri Hoskins as Sonya Blade was heaven back in the day.
  4. I always loved the super collage painting of SSF2 that is on issue 51. It's usually cropped, but looks awesome seeing the full painting.
  5. The 32x looks like a vacuum cleaner in this pic.
  6. EGM has really gotten some great additions lately, thanks everyone!
  7. Although not a mass popular title, I loved me some cool spot back in the day.
  8. Yeah, the SF2/MK era really dominated game mags of the time. EGM may have been the worst offender.
  9. Includes a short preview of the toploader NES with square controllers that are half original/half dogbone I've never seen before. Very cool.
  10. Awesome, Super Metroid! This mag has some great covers.
  11. these have some great cover art compared to what the US had at the time.
  12. Question on cover variants, are they usually added to the pdf/cbr or is only one cover used? I think it would be nice to have all available covers for an issue added as page 1a,1b,1c, etc. Just a thought though. Thanks for the upload.
  13. Man, I played the crap out of Crazy Taxi after school with friends, but that game really killed great songs like "all i want" by Offspring.
  14. I'm generally not a big fan of PC mags, but I see this has coverage of the 11th hour, interesting.
  15. One of my wife's fav games, thanks for uploading!
  16. Who is the girl on the front? Just a marketing ploy?
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