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  1. Im buying games that I never finish this what it feels like to be a adult

  2. When I used to be a sonic fan when I was younger it did never cross my mind to make a fan character with a EPIC story

  3. Fucking ridiculous but while im on this topic there are some very blind supporters on each side of the trial all because of race.

  4. why do mexicans use speakonia for youtube videos and its only them that I see use it

  5. Hotline Miami and sleeping doges have steam trading cards feature now this is bullshit I need money to fix this computer

  6. Hey #wiiu owners tell me why I should buy Pikman 3

  7. RT @lawblob: the jerk store called. your father died

  8. RT @BadMiiversePost: "if its super smash bros that means the charecters are all brothers exept the girl in metroid" http://t.co/14oa8lVf2A

  9. One other reason I dont upload on youtube this ridiculous amount of upload time

  10. RT @Cruise_Hi5ive: White Girl: Do these uggs make my Starbucks look big?Me: What?White Girl: *You're

  11. Movie of the year equestria girls you guys need better taste as full grown men.

  12. Its 1 am Im watching power rangers I should be sleeping

  13. GTA V - I got done watching the new trailer this game has so many new features fucking goty. Im also... http://t.co/RluseDheax

  14. Its almost 10 already? Time flies when you are being lazy

  15. RT @BadMiiversePost: "but seriously they need gogeta in there cause if there letting mega man in they should let him be in" http://t.co/9ft…

  16. Register SMTIV or Fire Emblem and get 30 dollars credit on the eshop.Yeah free stuff! Also this might mean SMT X FE news

  17. Instagram has the most cancerous pieces of shit #ancient #videogame #gamecube like how old are you 14

  18. Check out Fat Man Crying by ~DrNo0 on @deviantART http://t.co/FnKBWbyfQL 17 downloads who? This is just some retarded picture I took

  19. Photoset: sketchamagowza: (少し )’ http://t.co/5XnPqrMvJb

  20. mass effect 3 multiplayer isnt good well thats one mode i wont be playing

  21. I love 80s movie poster art the art is actually better than the movie

  22. As friendly as Miyamoto and made a big impact I wouldnt mind if he retired hes had a good run

  23. So Im back and learned some things useless trivia as always

  24. RT @BadMiiversePost: "dont care what any one say i think shike is not zelda" http://t.co/xWWtOBVrZh