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  1. metroid


    This is a awesome game and very well done one but it never clicked on me, would prefer it to be a beat then up only like the first level.
  2. metroid

    Underrated video game music?

    Lethal weapon for snes, game is crap but has some nice music like this.
  3. metroid

    What systems have you actually played?

    Let's see. Atari 2600 Odyssey Nes Master System Mega Drive Snes Neo Geo (only rented a couple of hours on a game store back in the day but i think it counts, no one that i knew had it) 3DO (same as Neo Geo, i played Way Of The Warrior, yes it was shit) N64 PS 1 PS 2 Dreamcast Gamecube Xbox Nintendo DS PS3 Xbox 360 Wii That's It, there are lots of systems that i never have seen in front of me like colecovision or pc engine.
  4. metroid

    Your first game for each system

    Oh man, let's if i remember. Atari 2600 - It came with Pac Man but IIRC dad also bought Frogger and Space Invaders or it was a few time later?Not sure... Nes - Another that i don´t remember, it was a Brazilian nes clone Called Dynavision II packed with Kung Fu, i believe that my first game was Super Pitfall, yeahh... Mega Drive - Did not have any games for it, only rented Snes - Mortal Kombat II N64 - Super Mario 64 - One of the most amazing jump in graphics AND gameplay that i ever had, the last time that gaming feel fesh to me. Dreamcast - Shenmue and RE code Veronica Gamecube - Rogue Leader Xbox - Halo and MGS 2 Substance Wii - Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 and RE 4 Xbox 360 - RE 5 - Ughh So far none of the current consoles atract me.
  5. metroid

    Problem downloading

    Sorry i think i can't edit my post but i'm just informing that my problem was resolved, thanks again and sorry for the trouble.
  6. metroid

    A remake you would love to see?

    Indeed, if they treated it like the xbox conker game and increased the framerate it would be ace.
  7. metroid

    Physical vs Digital Games

    It has to be physical copy for me. Maybe i'm too paranoic of loosing my collection if it's on a hardrive or if a console die...I don't know man, i feel safer having the copy of the game
  8. metroid

    What games deserve a sequel?

    Yes, sometimes i think that i'm the only one that remembers this game. Imagine in the 16 bit days konami would still have the talent, the graphics with parallax, bigger bosses, more collors and a kickass soundtrack. Basically what they did with contra and castlevania, it would have been awesome.
  9. No, i did'n liked either. Seriously a parasite that for some reason understand distinct languages, it's so stupid even by the series standards.Also Kojima managed to ruin Ocelot.
  10. Was the 360 back in 2009.So far the current consoles don't have enough games that i wannna play but i'm looking forward to dark souls 3 and shenmue 3.
  11. metroid

    Where do you buy you older systems?

    Since i'm in Brazil i use Mercadolivre, but thakfully i bought my most of my stuff years ago, today's prices have gone insane.
  12. metroid

    What games deserve a sequel?

    I would loved a Jakal from konami sequel but not now, it should have happened in the 16 bit days. Today's konami don't know how to make oldschool games.
  13. metroid

    Problem downloading

    Also let me ad that i have no problem with download restrictions, it could be 1 per day and i would be happy, i'm very tankfull for this site and the hardwork of everyone, i just wanna know if this is temporally or i'm glitched and can´t download anything again.Thanks.
  14. metroid

    Problem downloading

    Hi , i'm having the same problem even although i'm not downloading anything at the moment. I was downloading a magazine and my internet connection was cut and now it says that i'm downloading.It's a error or i have to wait 24 hours to be able to download again?
  15. I've never really been a handheld gamer, the concept of playing a gme in a small screen holding it close to my face never clicked on me.I've always liked to play games on the biggest screen possible and never have the need of play a game when i'm not in home. That said i have a ds and have played a few game that i really liked but i would love to play then in a tv. The gameboy player is awesome too, i'm glad that i have one.