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  1. If I was the Pope I'd be sending mad crusaders after the inventor of induction stoves. Those things are impossible to clean!

  2. You know what my bicycle needs? A USB port.

  3. Praise the flowerpot, there's an adopt previous backup option

  4. Wake me up when Goktober ends #BBCEntertainment

  5. Telling you, one of them isn't a day over thirty and her daughter is 18.

  6. I bought my first proper record there. Libertines it was. And now there's just a grey facade.

  7. What a minute! How can anything be pre-historic?! It's like it has taken place before the past?

  8. #NowPlaying See-Line Woman - Album Version/Stereo by Nina Simone on #Spotify <- I heard this as Sea lion woman. http://t.co/DX1BLlvU

  9. Oh, how cool could this be with one of those Red Devils squirrel suits?

  10. Just woke up from a dream where I had killed myself and my family was selling my earthly goods for less than it was worth.

  11. Found some lovely men in Herning who are going to put an SSD in my iMac. Girl's gonna be fast and fabulous. x

  12. Of course, there is also a fair representation of cunts on the right.

  13. Q: You know what I miss? A: Tube televisions.

  14. WHY ON EARTH are hairpin legs so ruddy expensive?

  15. eBay: Where you can put an order for 20 rape alarms and nobody asks questions.

  16. What are chick flicks called in Swedish? Flicka flicks?

  17. Oh woe, I think I've ruined it! :(

  18. There's tipsy, there's very tipsy and then there's me wearing a shoe as a hat. http://t.co/oMvfd9uk

  19. Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. Never got a shipping label to print for shipping it to repair. (Any chance of help @xbox_support ?)

  20. Lovely documentary about women in the Danish resistance in WWII on DR K at the moment.

  21. I assume these count as my five a day?

  22. Hugh Laurie's cover of Hallelujah I Love Her So

  23. I need an alarm that has a Rubik's cube for a snooze button.

  24. This cannot go on like it has! Good night everyone :)