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  1. (Electronic Gaming Monthly #33, April 1992)Those are your extra lives blowing up in the background.

  2. (Complete Guide to Sega, July 1990)Half-chrome guy means serious business.

  3. (Electronic Gaming Monthly #42, January 1993)I. Uh. No comment.

  4. (Sega Visions #7, December-January 1990-1991)Pretty awesome Ninja Gaiden Game Gear art.

  5. (Complete Guide to Sega, July 1990)I can't imagine this is useful, but it sure does make the Genesis look li…

  6. (Electronic Gaming Monthly #42, January 1993)Well, I guess if you're in the hospital you may as well play fo…

  7. (Electronic Gaming Monthly #42, January 1993)IN YOUR FACE: The Shirt.

  8. (Sega Saturn Magazine #8, January 1996)Sweet Virtua Cop splash page.

  9. (Electronic Gaming Monthly #33, April 1992)Obviously form over function, but pretty awesome form.

  10. (Complete Guide to Sega, July 1990)"I think it's kicking in, check that shit out."

  11. (Sega Visions #7, December-January 1990-1991)This is basically just random merch with GAME GEAR plastered on…

  12. (Electronic Gaming Monthly #42, January 1993)No Play Station and a $99 Jaguar.

  13. (Sega Visions #17, February-March 1994)Amazing to think they eventually got interactive golf right. Or at le…

  14. (Sega Saturn Magazine #33, July 1998)Nicely stylized full-page spread for Fighting Vipers 2.

  15. (Nintendo Power #27, August 1991)Whatever Ryu Hayabusa took, it is definitely kicking in.

  16. (PlayStation Plus #16, January 1997)I am a sucker for branded anaglyphic glasses.

  17. (Sega Saturn Magazine #33, July 1998)I love the divide between Japanese video games and the Western take on …

  18. Is there a way to reply to replies on Tumblr? I can't make heads or tails of this thing.

  19. (Sega Visions #17, February-March 1994)The Dune franchise is best-known for the seminal RTS series, but ther…

  20. (Sega Visions #17, February-March 1994)"Ugly" Belmont would be a great name for a Jimmy Olsen villain.

  21. (GamePro #69, April 1995)Check out the bedroom eyes on Shao Kahn.

  22. (Sega Visions #17, February-March 1994)Sega of America's offices seem to be in a warehouse basement. There i…

  23. (Nintendo Power #27, August 1991)Live every day like Nintendo Fun Day.

  24. (Nintendo Power #27, August 1991)This looks like it would be an awesome piece of hardware for circuitbending.

  25. (Sega Visions #17, February-March 1994)Nice hi-rez shot of the classic NBA Jam logo.