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  1. Japan in spring! Should be interesting!

  2. Allright! Time for me to sleep! おやすみなさい。

  3. あAllright. One last time before I go to sleep....

  4. I really wished I was living there. Even if it was for a few months! カナダがつまらない!!!

  5. なぜですか? w RT @butle1121t: 日本人バカ。。。w

  6. 日本の女性お元気ですか?w

  7. Bonne nuit guys.

  8. Wikipedia is not working right now. Is it because of #sandy ?

  9. Practice! #japanese #練習 #日本語 #漢字 http://t.co/HBSMPmkF

  10. Manifestation étudiante cette été. #été #summer #manif http://t.co/PPZSjhTE

  11. 皆さん、おやすみなさい。m(__)m

  12. 素晴らしい~ うん。

  13. Anyone wanna Skype.......lol

  14. Man! Japanese tv is far better than my local tv!

  15. カルミンの世界 (Added new pictures) https://t.co/romC2dKM

  16. [HISTORY]餓狼伝説:餓狼伝説総合公式サイト http://t.co/8OR3cfLi

  17. I need to find a way to memorise those.... http://t.co/78mZruTk

  18. What would I have to do to get an American Girlfriend?: http://t.co/BaA6HxeH via @youtube

  19. 今日は日本語を練習しています。 Going to take time to revise my Japanese.

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