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  1. To pony or not to pony.

  2. Putting together so many brony charity events just makes me so happy. Like, just wow. I just love it, love ya'll

  3. I dont know about the others...but while playing L4D2 for charity tonight. This is what it was like..http://t.co/SdV84eiz

  4. BronyCon has announced they will be moving to Baltimore, Maryland for 2013. The event will run August 2-4

  5. Twilight and endless stairs..Super mario 64 endless stairs.. @SuperPsyguy called it first with this http://t.co/9Hf5SYRt

  6. Oh God those episodes were so freaking good #brony

  7. I also feel like listening to "Sono il Factotum" from "Barbiere di Siviglia" of Gioacchino Rossini.

  8. Please do not be offended if I do not remember who you are or past conversations. I talk to a ton of people daily.

  9. Grr..my phone has a deadspot on it. And that dead spot is right on where I need to close out of windows. No MLP on phone for me :(

  10. Updating http://t.co/jAx3UVmQ tonight so we can prepare for promotion.

  11. Want to play the pony game but I work D: