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  1. Disgusting weather today.

  2. Watching The Big Bang Theory in the conservatory while practicing Java on the iPad and drinking a cup of tea. Not a bad evening.

  3. This is actually a pretty great idea.

  4. Don't waste money buying expensive binoculars. Simply stand closer to the object you wish to view.

  5. 1027 votes on @disqus for 555 comments. Not bad.

  6. #Bradford are through. What the shit? lmao

  7. Oblivion looks pretty cool. via @youtube

  8. A few good reviews for this establishment:

  9. Google60 - Search Mad Men Style

  10. Kim Jong-un. All webmasters need to see this!

  11. A collector is selling every Super Nintendo game for $24,999 via @polygon

  12. .@LookItsLewis OK. I'm just gonna look at lots of stuff I can't buy on Amazon.


  14. Gonna watch #TheWatch. Anyone seen it?

  15. The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?: via @youtube

  16. Just finished watching #Paranorman. Pretty good film. Sort of reminds me of Coraline. Watch it! @thekodkod

  17. Playing Google sponsored Ants AI game.

  18. IE Sucks... less. But still sucks.

  19. Formal Foundations exam coming up in 30 mins! @qaizali is currently in there!

  20. .@Akmal_Ali786 @mujtabaahmed94 Yeah man, slow down. You're gonna get yourself killed.

  21. Hm. At uni reading through a Reddit thread with a billion different solutions to FizzBuzz.

  22. Every form should have some basic front-end validation. Especially for large forms. It just makes sense.