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  1. Only a 1 hour tutorial at 2pm today. Chilling for the entire day.

  2. Quick and easy way to set up a website via Github. Suitable for beginners.

  3. What if we had traffic lights like these?

  4. One snowflake and the entire country goes to shit.

  5. I wish there were some cheaper options for @VaultPress.

  6. Using Chrome beta now. I can even log onto @BarclaysOnline banking and use it properly now.

  7. Finally got my Twitter app for mac sorted so I can dump TweetDeck.

  8. .@mattcutts Please sign the petition and share the link!

  9. Got a bunch of new followers recently. Hello guys!

  10. OK I found out how to cheat the game.

  11. Sure, it's a bit buggy but still awesome.

  12. Running a few upgrades on NGINX. It seems like they update it every day or something.

  13. Editorial: How piracy changed my life via @neowinfeed

  14. On two-factor authentication

  15. "My friends! You bow to no one."

  16. HTTP 2.0 First Draft Published. It's about fucking time.

  17. Had my lower right (6) tooth pulled out (6┐).

  18. Someone needs to pack all the Nintendo Power magazines into one torrent.