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  1. I've often wondered the same. Leonardo's swords and Raphael's sai are okay but nunchucks are bad. Soldiers and guns and Mortal Kombat is fine but ninjitsu is against the law. Even the original TMNT film has a bunch of goofball cartoon sound effects to dull the "violence" in the UK dvd release. You London boys have some odd sensibilities, I tell you. ...I like that Ryu has gone from having a sword to having no sword and resorting to a friendly bro fist to finally being so befuddled by his lack of anything resembling a defensive weapon that he has no choice but to confuse his foes by taking off his mask and twirling around like a ballerina.
  2. I haven't been able to look at technology the same way ever since learning that Information Society embedded a text message in a vinyl record.
  3. Has anyone mentioned Ys yet? More specifically, the much-maligned third game?
  4. Yeah I heard that SH2 (I'm sorry, "Silent Hill: Revelations") was an absolute mess. I was pretty disheartened to hear this, especially since I was one of the few strong supporters of the first film, but even my fellow SH nuts said "no dude, just stay away". I do love the fact that Ned Stark and Jon Snow are reunited in the film, though.
  5. Hmm, that's worth looking into. Many of the books that I'd be looking to convert would be text only.
  6. I agree with the comments about Mortal Kombat. Aside from the PG-13 rating, that movie delivered pretty much everything that a movie based on Mortal Kombat needed to have. The game was basically a thinly-veiled Enter the Dragon ripoff so the movie followed suit and it did so with humor and (most importantly) well-choreographed martial arts scenes. It wasn't perfect, but it was one of the few video game adaptations that actually stuck to the source material. Who would have imagined that this would be so difficult? (Though, to be fair, the second Mortal Kombat movie stuck pretty close to the source material as well and that one was, legitimately, among the worst films ever made). Still, having said all this, of all the video game adaptations I think that Silent Hill is the best standalone "film".
  7. I'd be curious about either. I suppose, worst-case scenario, I could always still keep the original book and just hole-punch everything to put it into some kind of binder once I'm done scanning. That way I could continue to keep a physical copy after creating the digital one. Or just buy second copies of whatever I scan, I guess. They're mostly old books that aren't particularly rare.
  8. Thanks for the info. Again, I think I figured that the book would be a mangled mess once everything was said and done but I was trying to hold out the hope that the pros had a way of doing it that would leave the book in a still-readable state. Bummer!
  9. Hmm. So probably no real shot at having the pages shuffled into a nice, neat pile, reheating the glue, and cramming the pack of pages back into the glue with anything resembling grace or neatness.
  10. Interesting. I'd assumed that full destruction of the book was necessary in order to properly scan it, I was just hoping that it wouldn't be. So the pages don't retain any stickiness that would allow them to be packed back together? The glue remains inside the spine of the cover?
  11. Wasn't sure if this was the right section or not since it's not directly related to the site, but it's still a "how do I" subject so I figured I'd give it a try. So anyway I just got a scanner over the weekend. It's nothing industrial or even expensive. It's a basic Canon all-in one scanner / printer / copier from Wal-Mart. I should point out that I probably wouldn't be using it to contribute anything to the site. Not that I'd be against the idea - in fact I think it would be cool to help out - but rather because I'm sure that it doesn't come close to the site's professional-quality standards. I bought it primarily to make backup copies of my photos, drawings and documents but then I started thinking about how fun it would be to make my own ebooks (the resolution limits won't matter as much on a small screen). I have no idea how to cleanly go about doing this though, so I figured that I'd ask you guys. In short, how do you go about de-binding a book that uses glue other than staples, and does the book have to be completely destroyed or is it at all salvageable in the process? Is there a way to get it back together once you're finished? I'd love to hear your advice as I take my first amateur steps towards book preservation.
  12. I'm kind of in the same boat. While I did own a Genesis as a kid, it was never my favorite system. I always played the NES, and then the SNES, far more. Though I did adore the Genesis for Sonic, Toejam and Earl, King's Bounty and Starflight, it wasn't something that I really played a lot with any regularity. As such, it wasn't the system I usually bought or even rented games for. This helped me to avoid pretty much all the games that were notorious for sucking. So, looking back at what games I actually did own, I'd have to say that maybe Super Thunderblade was my worst. I don't even remember if it was a particularly poor game - I don't remember it being god-awful or anything - but it was the game I played and liked the least. It came with the system when I bought it from a friend of mine so it was just kind of a "whatever" title. Fun fact: After another friend of mine completed Final Fantasy for the NES I asked if he'd sell it to me. After just a bit of effort I got him to trade it to me for Super Thunderblade plus five bucks. A few years later he would go on to tell me that it was the worst deal he'd ever made, lol.
  13. I saw like four episodes of that show and found it hilarious. It was so absurd and stupid as to be totally amusing. I liked Assy's Hispanic partner who reminded me of (and may even have been) Luis Guzman. I remember an episode having to do with a stolen bicycle or something and I think the partner feebly tried to talk Assy down as he shot at the guy. Or something.
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