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  1. Well I dove into FF7R in January. Over the course of three months, I put something like 185 hours into it. Went through every nook and cranny I could, just to take it all in on my first playthrough. Then I tackled Hard Mode. Surprisingly fun, I don't generally bother with "challenging" modes like that, but I enjoyed the combat system so much that I played through it a second time. Only had trouble with a few bosses, the rest of it was a cake walk more or less.
  2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Yeah, I know part one just came out, but... I'm sure part two would be perfectly welcome.
  3. Interesting perspective Kitsunebi. I have a couple project cars, and do all the maintenance for the fleet (as well as help out friends with theirs on occasion) so I can relate to the satisfaction of completing lots of little jobs. The big ones... those can really take some motivation to be mentally prepared for. As far as gaming goes, I've been into the "big" games for so long, I think nothing of pouring a day or two into one. In fact, if I'm not able to clear out at least two or three hours, I almost never even bother turning one on. Different strokes, I suppose. That said, I'm a big fan of comics and manga myself, have been for decades now. Trying my best not to rush through Berserk, given that I know Muira's release schedule on that one is, well, let's be polite and call it "glacial" shall we?
  4. Heh, I kinda live in isolation anyhow, even without this pandemic going on. Small town life, I'm sure some of you can relate. To me, I figure entertaining the brain, no matter how one goes about it, is a worthwhile pursuit. So long as your actions don't adversely affect anyone, of course. If you can better yourself in the process, all the better. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go play some more Breath of the Wild with a friend. Really, this one... I think it fulfills Miyamoto's vision of "exploring as a child" that he created the first game from.
  5. Loved the original, GBC, and the latest remake. One of my favorite games of all time. Headed toward endgame on this one with a friend. 900 koroks, you say? Sheesh... no wonder it has seemed like we've been tripping all over them lately! Hey now, let's not start on how much anime I've watched over the years... Just top of my head, I've seen the DBZ dub (over 300 episodes, if I recall correctly), DB Kai (well, up to about 60 episodes anyway), most of Naruto, much of it twice since I watched it with my wife later on, and this one is 700 episodes... Initial D and Cowboy Bebop with numerous friends that I've introduced those to as well. I bet I've spent more time watching anime in the last 20 years than gaming. I haven't started yet, but what I've seen a friend stream so far... wow. They had the world to risk in remaking that one, and it seems they've done well. I especially love the weight and gravity the atmosphere and characters have. The voice acting too, I refuse to spoil anything, but there's a part where Barrett hits rock bottom that nearly brought me to tears. That'd be the second time that game (including the original) that this has happened.
  6. Not at all odd to me. I prefer when an RPG respects your time. Suikoden has always been a series that was good about this, there are random encounters, but, if you're of a sufficient level of experience that you won't really benefit from the battle, you can simply run away, and back to the exploring. There are also Champion Runes that can be equipped that eliminate the encounter entirely unless they are going to be a challenge. As a result, you fight a few battles, end up leveled up enough, and from there you can pretty much breeze through the rest of the area. No grinding truly necessary, which is nice. I had fun with Mystic Quest, enough so that I replayed it as an adult to see if it was actually a decent game, or if it was just nostalgia. Happy to say, I still had fun with it. Another RPG that I rather enjoyed the mechanics of? Valkyria Chronicles. Mix an RTS with a shooter with an RPG, and you kinda get the gist of it. The artwork is beautiful as well.
  7. I'll agree that the Midgar part was the best part, it was one of the first cohesive "worlds" in a game that actually felt like a place to me. The reveal of the world map though, accompanied by the main theme of the game when you first see that the world is much larger than just Midgar... that part was so memorable to me. Given the similarities between modern consoles and PC architecture, I could see a PC release someday, so there's that hope for ya... Also, my first FF was Mystic Quest. I got stuck at one point later in the game where you use the sword on a tree, basically as a key to continue. I had forgotten that you could do that, but in my defense, I was about 10 at the time.
  8. That's right, I forgot Origins was a thing! Well, not the games contained, but that V and VI were on a collection as well. Wait... now I had to check what Chronicles contained. It was Chrono Trigger and FFIV. So, let's talk what else was being hyped in 1996... FF7. I'm excited for the remake to the point that I finally have a current gen console, simply to play FF7R. Anyone else looking forward to it?
  9. What aspect of it for you that made you buy that one? I was thinking of Final Fantasy Chronicles, which had Chrono Trigger and FF6 on it. Having never had an SNES, that one was appealing... Anthology was the one with FF1 and FF2, right? Japanese FF2, or American FF2 (FF4)?
  10. I remember buying SSX and Tekken Tag Tournament the week prior to PS2 release. Do you have any idea what it's like to be a teenager with a new video game... that is impossible to play??? Agony! Haha Funny enough, the PS2 got me more into movies, the DVD thing was a neat feature for me. First DVD I rented at the Blockbuster I ended up working for the following year? X-Men.
  11. Memories can be a funny thing I suppose. While I seem to remember my siblings and I getting the N64 for Christmas in 1999 (Was that the year Donkey Kong 64 came out? That was the bundle we got.), it wasn't a "gotta have it NOW" sorta system for me. I just seem to remember being excited by all the arcade cross-promotion and hype going on surrounding the system. That said... I did go to Target at 4am (perhaps earlier?) on October 26, 2000. I waited in line (man, that was cold!) in order to get a PS2 of my own on launch day. I even skipped the first couple hours of school that day, waiting for the store to open. I think in 12 years of public schooling, I only missed maybe 5 days total, skipping school just wasn't something I did. So... yeah, perhaps the PS2 was even more of a big deal. Funny you mention Toy Story Melki, as that's what came to my mind when watching the first trailer I saw of Kingdom Hearts 3. "Wow, they've finally done it, the goal of making a game that looks as good as Toy Story did."
  12. Hard to believe they were still calling it the "Ultra 64" that late into 1996, I thought they had already officially named it the Nintendo 64 by then. On that note, I can't honestly say I recall a console being more heavily pushed than the U64 / N64 was. I mean, the Dreamcast... I knew a few fans. PS2? It was met with high expectations, and it delivered, but it was following in the footsteps of the PS1. Xbox, at the time was a complete unknown. Gamecube seemed to be the start of Nintendo going off on a slightly strange direction. After that generation though, things were established, it was clear that gaming was gonna be pretty awesome all around. The Ultra 64 though? Man, that thing was MARKETED between 1994 until 1996. A friend of mine back then went to the trouble of importing the Japanese release so he could have it a few months early! Seems silly now, but that summer of 1996 was pretty eye opening, to be able to play Mario 64 before any of my other friends, that... was... awesome. Plus, Killer Instinct and Cruisin' USA were noted to be running on Ultra 64 hardware in the arcades, on the machine's attract screens. Those two games in particular made quite the impression on me as a kid. Maybe it's just me, but this system was a BIG deal before it came out. It was cool after it came out, but... I dunno. Kinda didn't live up to all the hype, but then again, what does?
  13. That was on a Pepsi box? Very cool, can't say I ever saw that at the store in my area. I used to have a bunch of the Star Wars Pepsi cans, until I moved back up to Wyoming, and had some of my stuff stored in the garage. Wanna know what happens to unopened pop cans when temps reach -25F? Heh, they open themselves. What a gross mess we discovered months later!
  14. Bradygames did get pretty big there for a while, but... while I can't speak about other countries, in America you can't forbid someone from printing such a book, that's part of free enterprise and freedom of the press. You, as a game developer or publisher, CAN authorize a specific book or publisher as the "official" guide, and have it be marketed as such. I have this book, and I used to have the Versus guide as well. The Bradygames guide was "official" and I seem to recall the Versus guide being advertised as "unauthorized" on the cover. Didn't stop either book from being published, and both had their merits. I actually preferred the Versus version myself, was informative without spoiling the game.
  15. Best news I've seen all day. Heh, almost feels like time travel, given how long it's been since Future Perfect...