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  1. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    Fundamentally, we are on the same side, as far as ideals go. Remember that although a law may be old in origin, it may often still be relevant far into the future. Reaching way back here, the Magna Carta is still VERY valid in terms of human rights, and it is nearly a thousand years old. I agree that the market needs more competition when it comes to broadband providers, as well as content producers. Personally, I have little use for cable makers and the like, I rarely watch TV in general anymore. BUT, I understand that a lot of us do, and don't want to see corporations abuse their customers. I don't believe Pai has our best interests in mind, truthfully. Taking a lawyer who worked for the very industry he is now supposed to regulate? Have you ever heard the phrase about not letting the fox guard the hen house? Very much applies here, and is a large part of what is wrong with Washington, it's a revolving door between lobbyists and the white house. Either way, we will find out soon enough, as there is a proposal presentation in congress for next week, the week before Thanksgiving. If you pay attention to history, a lot of shady policy tends to get passed during times that folks aren't always paying attention to what their representatives are doing...
  2. Western games in Japan

    I'm open to playing just about anything if it has one or more of the following: -Unique art style -Great writing -Atmosphere that pulls you into the game world -Great controls -A fun sense of humor Really, my requirements aren't many, so long as it does at least one of those things well, I'm more than willing to check a game out. I'm a little disconnected from the modern gaming scene, and honestly, I'd have trouble naming you a list of big games in the last, oh, I dunno, 5 years over here? As far as western games over there, I can see Crash Bandicoot having appeal. It was a great platformer, and had fun characters. Everything about those games just focused on the player having fun... even if it was frustrating at times, it was a motivational frustration, something that challenged you to do better next time.
  3. Sorry E-day, had a feeling that a simple approach like mine wasn't going to fit your needs too well. No worries though, only one who uses my computer is me, but I can understand helping others in the house makes life easier for everybody.
  4. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    Title II regulations was applied to broadband service providers in 2015. The discussion at hand, at least initially it seemed, was on the subject of Pai's attempt to repeal those regulations. To my understanding, this would prevent the FCC from exercising any authority over your ISP (well, my ISP anyway) if they chose to really put the screws to their customers. I could spend a LOT of time looking into the finer points of this discussion, but when you have the telecom industry on one side of the argument, and everyone from content producers, to non-profits, to open source developers, to civil rights advocates, on the other side of the argument, it's pretty obvious to me which side of the argument is motivated by profit, and which is motivated by free speech and the exercise of it. I have nothing against the free market, I'm actually a huge supporter of it, as I stated in my last post. That said, I don't believe the internet is something that belongs to a select few companies either, no matter how much they may invest in infrastructure. Let's address one of my main points, that the ISP has no right to modify bandwidth to any particular website. Forgive me if I'm misunderstood here, but this is Zero Rating, in a nutshell: ISP provides access to X page, with no impact on your bandwidth allowance, while accessing Y page does have an impact on your allowance. This will have the result of the majority of the ISP's customers accessing X page rather than Y page. To me, this is an anti-competitive practice. I'm not fond of such large companies having such control over what is available to the user. To be both gate keeper and producer / provider of content seems an ethical conflict of interest, as you will use your ability to direct as much traffic as you can to sites you own, and hinder traffic headed to sites you don't own.
  5. Call me old fashioned, but I understood very little of your post. Not that I'm a technophobe, but I haven't been around anyone who does this sort of thing in a long time. For the last... 11 years now? I've simply used my pc attached to my tv. Current setup is literally an 11 year old pc, with wireless keyboard and mouse. No cords, no fuss, no issues, apart from modern media requiring a bit more muscle than my computer has. As far as the software side of things, stuff is organized via folders that suit my needs on the computer, through windows. Hell, I don't even know what version of windows I have haha. Use VLC media player, it handles just about everything nicely.
  6. Western games in Japan

    I don't know that you'd ever find the info you're looking for here bud. Sounds to me like a niche subject of a niche role of the available entertainment in Japan? Not that I don't find it an interesting concept, I just wouldn't know where to even begin looking. I wonder if it wasn't largely due to a lack of marketing, as I believe you mentioned. I mean, a western developer makes a game, with US sensibilities in mind, why bother trying to sell it across the ocean, if your target audience is right there? Might have been difficult to convince management of the value of exporting games to Japan. Didn't know that Japan still did sports games, or at least I never really thought about it. Not my favorite genre, but I do remember some of the sports titles from Japan back in the SNES / Genesis era. Are there any big western titles that have done well in Japan? Perhaps we could start a list here...
  7. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    Sometimes they (or more likely, their interns) would reply, but as has been the case with nearly every reply on any topic I get from them, they are VERY non-committal. Not sure who your congressional representatives are, but I suspect they're likely the same way. Congress (and most politicians, in my experience) don't want to be held accountable, so they rarely take a concrete stance. If they DO... you're not likely to sway their opinion, especially as a normal person. Social elite or very wealthy? You might have a shot. Guy like me? Not likely. To answer your question about seeing them in person, I'm not sure where you live, but I live in a rather large state. Unfortunately, taking a day off from work to drive eight hours through what most would see as a desolate hellscape for an audience with someone isn't what I call a productive use of my time. If they were significantly closer, or held town halls near me? Sure, I'd be there. That said, I'm MUCH better at writing out my thoughts than I am debating them in person. In this sense, so were our founders... they wrote a LOT of letters in shaping our constitution.
  8. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    I've written letters to both my congressmen. Unfortunately, both of them seem to be firmly in the pockets of the telecom industry, so they won't hear my views over the dollars stuffed into their ears. Historically speaking, anything that is truly beneficial to the US people, that wouldn't cost someone else the fruit of their labor (NOT talking about "potential profits" here), is swept under the rug or legislated out. The repeal of the Title II regulations of 2015 is nothing short of a handout to the ISPs and will result in worse service, higher costs, and a poorer user experience. Ajit Pai is a lawyer, he's not dumb. He is however, doing this for his former employer, Verizon. Whose interests do you REALLY think he has in mind here? I'll give you a hint... if you can't figure that riddle out, you're about to get screwed. Two things ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT happen in regards to the internet: -ISP throttling speeds to ANY website. It is censorship, a violation of our first amendment right to free speech. No matter how disgusting or vile my beliefs may seem, I have a right to them, as do you. I may disagree with what you have to say or what you choose to believe, but I WILL support your right to your beliefs. -Selective treatment of ANY website. This is simply unethical business practice, and will stifle innovation. If I want to start a website or streaming service, but can't compete with existing major players because of shady business practices, that is not due to a lack of merit on my part. My website may be fantastic, but you'll never bother with it if it takes too long to load... ISPs must act as a maintainer of the lines, NOT as a gatekeeper of information. Normally I'm not a big supporter of government regulation, but in the case of the telecom industry, there is a disturbing lack of competition. Lack of competition is bad for the consumer. Again, whose interests are really at the forefront of this argument?
  9. Western games in Japan

    Interesting topic here... I'd be curious of examples as well. Looking at my own collection, the vast majority of my games from the PS1/2 era are from Japanese developers. There are definitely some really solid and fun games that are western developed, but I wonder, are there really any genres that are missing from Japanese developer portfolios that western developers have filled in the gap? Only thing that MIGHT come to mind would be sports games, at least in the US, sports are quite huge here.
  10. Congrats twiztor. I saw a sale on the Switch with BotW for $360. Have some priorities to take care of financially that I can't really just jump on that, but... it is tempting at that price. Winter is on its way though, and that is usually when I get my gaming on for the year...
  11. ( 。)( 。) Table of Bewbs

    Very well said. Call me crazy, but I always thought love and peace was a pretty good way to go about your interactions with people. I can say, it's genuinely cool to see people call folks out in public when they have it coming. "Hey, you're being an asshole, why don't you dial it back a notch before you say something you'll regret to people you love?" You speak of the line... That's the trouble with comedy. Some people have a line that is very close to what some would consider a lack of a sense of humor. Others? Some fall so far to the other side of that line, that you wonder if they have boundaries at all. I fall a lot closer to that second scenario, though I lack even the slightest bit of malice in my heart, I will laugh at anything I find funny. Perhaps that is where the line is... the line is determined by malice. If you say something as a joke, or do something as a joke, and have malice as your inspiration? You're the asshole. Tough to find that line sometimes, I'll admit. Any sort of assault or bullying? Fuck off, that's not cool in my book.
  12. ( 。)( 。) Table of Bewbs

    I was afraid that might be the case there as well. Most unfortunate indeed. Talking about it is as good a place to start in order to right that wrong... Was watching a show recently that discussed how rampant it is in India. I wonder if population density leads to ambivalence?
  13. ( 。)( 。) Table of Bewbs

    I'm pretty sure there's an "oh Japan..." meme out there somewhere, no? Pervy though it may seem, so long as it is all in good fun and nobody's assaulted as a result, Japanese culture toward this sort of thing is rather entertaining.
  14. That Might & Magic setup sounds pretty cool, kinda like Link To The Past, with the light / dark world. It's been a weird year for me, super busy out in the garage, so I've hardly played anything this year. Little bit of Gran Turismo 6, might have been all so far. Oh, wait, no... I did go back and play some Moraff's World early in the year. DOS man, DOS...
  15. I would own a portable again if someone else did the driving on long trips, or I had decent periods of downtime that I wasn't at home. As is, just doesn't really fit my lifestyle very much anymore. Kinda funny though, what I've seen of portable games in recent years lines up with the games that I like to play pretty well, so... perhaps I've been misguided to not pay more attention to the DS family of systems. Really funny to hear kids talk in surprise of home console Mario games! When I was their age, there were maybe TWO non-console Mario games.