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  1. Ahh, I can totally get where you're coming from there. The world of music seems to be cyclical, if you ask me. What was cheesy 20 or 30 years ago, is new and fresh again today. Perhaps if Kurt had lived as long as we have, he might have come to understand that, although I doubt (as you do) that he ever would have embraced any of it. Perhaps the alt / indie rock scene may have become all the things that Kurt hated about the industry. Money has a way of corrupting innocence and art alike. That said, I wouldn't doubt that a lot of the music in the second half of the 90's turned out the way it did BECAUSE of Nirvana. Some bands leave a mark on their scene, Nirvana was the stone that most others left their mark on. No worries about hurting feelings, we all have our tastes, and what we as individuals love, entire crowds are disgusted or put off by. As for Smash Mouth, I seem to recall liking their Fu Manchu album, whatever was the prior album to the one that All Star was on. I remember hearing that for the first time and thinking, "THIS is what Smash Mouth is becoming???"
  2. Curious why that is Kitsunebi? I thought the late 90's were pretty solid, music wise. Then again, that was the period of my life where I was discovering rock music beyond the classics mom played while cleaning house when I was a kid...
  3. Preferably at a bowling alley. What? It's what I was doing when these songs came out... can we throw in some Oasis while we're at it?
  4. Man, feeling the 90's up in here all of a sudden haha! Blood: I recall playing one of these games at a friend's house in about 1996 or so. "Whaddya gonna do, BLEED on me?" For a kid in his early teens back then, the gorier the shooter, the better, and Blood had the stuff in buckets. Good times! Type O Negative: Was quite aware of when Steele died. I was a really big fan of theirs starting in high school. There is a certain quality of their music that requires a very dark sense of humor to appreciate. The song, "Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity and its Dire Consequences" is quite a lot of fun if you're of the right mindset to laugh at that sort of situation. I still listen to their "Least Worst Of..." album a few times a year. On a whole though, I think Areala is probably right, they're perhaps an acquired taste. Chumbawumba on the other hand... I got sick of that song after hearing it about 400 times when it first came out, but when I hear it now, I can definitely appreciate it more than I did as a kid. Something about life experiences and whatnot haha. As for music just to annoy someone else... I can't say I ever did that. I did buy a couple albums to play, loudly, in my car, while slowly driving through grocery store parking lots. All in the name of cheese factor and getting that, "WTF?" look from people. Notably, Iron Maiden's Best of the Beast, I thought they would be a cheesey 80's hair metal band. Little did I know, man, little did I know... Turns out, they're a really good band. Did the same thing with Billy Idol. Bought it as a joke, and turned out to really like it. I'm more the type of person to introduce you to music I like that you may not have heard of. One of the more surprising discoveries was a band called Straylight Run. They only put out a couple albums, I would really recommend their first one. Hard to pin any particular sound on them, maybe that's what I like. Also, Authority Zero. If you don't know who they are, PLEASE look them up. I've been listening to these guys for nearly 20 years now, going back to when they were just another local band in the Phoenix valley. Without hyping them up too much, I can genuinely say they made their sound by taking influences from the Offspring and Sublime. Weird as that may sound, it really does work well together.
  5. You make an interesting point here. How many arcade games have any of us beat? I think I might have quartered my way through Turtles in Time and The Simpsons, possibly SF2.
  6. Hey, congrats! I felt that way when I played Fez last year, it was genuinely fun. I'm still slogging my way through GT6, still need to do the S-class license tests, the Redbull X-car challenge, Goodwood Festival, and Senna events, then whatever in the S-class that I want to do. It's not that I don't enjoy it, but it can be quite challenging a the higher levels. I really enjoy taking a competitive car (as opposed to just out-carring your competition), but it can be difficult with the rolling starts and "chase the rabbit" gameplay when dealing with a ridiculously fast car that starts out in first place, who doesn't have to deal with the other cars like you do... If I truly wanted one thing from the GT series, it would be better sound. The visuals are great guys! The sound could use some work at this point though, the engines sound muted and drony, there's no wind noise, even on the "large theater" setting and the volume turned up.
  7. I somewhat doubt that I still have the save file, but between my brother and I, I would not be at all surprised if we found all the hidden packages and stunt jumps in GTA3. That game was revolutionary for its time. Between having less disposable income, games being relatively more expensive, and the internet being used very sparingly back then (for us at least), we never had a guide, and played that game all the TIME. Fun times.
  8. I haven't bought my Switch yet. Considering the Wii U simply for the library on there is still really appealing to me, particularly Yoshi's Wooly World. Either way, I'll play this eventually, once real world priorities calm down a bit. Philly, perhaps the amount of Korok seeds out there is just so you don't HAVE to find them all? Or is there some special reward for doing so? Seems like it would be as time consuming, if not more so, than finding all the special collectables in the GTA series, without any sort of guides.
  9. Definitely a smart approach Kitsunebi. I think the last time I bought a new game was in 2013, when Gran Turismo 6 came out. I'm a pretty big car nut, have a whole seat / frame / wheel setup, it's been a fun investment. I even quit buying digital games, with the exception of the Suikoden releases as they've happened on PSN, if only to support Konami for making them available. All in hopes that, maybe, someday, they might make a sixth entry in the series. Seeing as though Konami, like EGM here, have largely forgotten what it is that they do, I'm not exactly holding my breath.
  10. International, I can somewhat understand, but surely shipping a magazine to Canada is an easy task to accomplish? Not like it's a big package and has to go through customs and the like? Perhaps I'm missing something. Only ever shipped packages up there, which can be more difficult than necessary, in my experience. As for Retro, I'm on the Zelda issue at the moment. Really getting the urge to play through Link to the Past (again, kinda forgot my time playing it, was in a bit of a forgetful place in life at the time), and Wind Waker for the first time. Wind Waker may have been the first game I bought that I never actually played... the start of an unfortunate trend in my case. Not really excited about the interview issue that you mention, but I'll certainly give it a read. Definitely looking forward to issue 13, the survival horror issue though!
  11. Well that's a shame, if unsurprising. I feel for you EGM fans (I was one, long ago), this is just like what us PSM fans went through a few years ago. At least they had the courtesy to say goodbye though... Might I suggest supporting an indie magazine instead? I've been a subscriber of Retro for the last couple years. They're not exactly monthly (or even bi-monthly), but you know what? Reading each issue makes me wanna play the games they're featuring. Isn't that the whole point?
  12. I know what you mean bud. Apart from those PSM issues, I think the only ones I've paid more than cover price for were a few issues of 1994 EGM, back when they were like catalogs. Heck, with the price of recycled paper these days, I think it was worth it just in the materials!
  13. I would wholeheartedly recommend reevaluating your priorities in life if you were to consider spending $1000 on a single magazine. I have mint condition, still in the padded manila envelope early issues of PSM, and I think I only paid $50 for the four of them, including #1. That said, I doubt any of us can honestly say that we've never spend money on something silly, least of all me.
  14. You ever price out a nice table at a furniture store? That $1100 really isn't all that bad, provided the quality is there. Plus, people who would truly be nostalgic for Pong are going to be the folks who are at an age where money tends to be a little looser...
  15. Hey don't you go picking on my love of jugband blues now... you know what they say, if you can't appreciate a good stompin' beat, yer gonna get a beat. Never knew what they were on about, but I wasn't about to argue. About the only way I would run wireless is if I could get a setup like my buddy that works for the county. He's tied himself into what is more or less the back bone of the fiber optic running through the area. Something like 100 mbp/s, where I'm stringing along on a 12 mbp/s connection. Perks of being in government IT I suppose.