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  1. I would own a portable again if someone else did the driving on long trips, or I had decent periods of downtime that I wasn't at home. As is, just doesn't really fit my lifestyle very much anymore. Kinda funny though, what I've seen of portable games in recent years lines up with the games that I like to play pretty well, so... perhaps I've been misguided to not pay more attention to the DS family of systems. Really funny to hear kids talk in surprise of home console Mario games! When I was their age, there were maybe TWO non-console Mario games.
  2. Nailed it here. I firmly believe that had this game not made the jump to the PS, we might not even have had a PS2, much less any of the other systems that Sony made since. Up until then, it had some good games, but not many that were selling the system. Tekken, perhaps, Namco was doing some solid arcade ports at the time, but still... FF7 was the first big system seller for Sony.
  3. Haven't owned a Nintendo portable since the original GBA, so yeah, had no idea about the 3DS game!
  4. The contrast of the graphics was merely a limitation of the hardware, unfortunately. Still... at the time? I really appreciated everything. The atmosphere and music just meshed so well. I had finished Wild Arms the prior summer as well. That game actually had a bigger chasm in graphics, with the 3d battles with the 2d overworld and dungeon maps, but I still loved that one too. As far as the modern graphics... so long as they lend to the atmosphere of the game, I'll give it a chance. I think it's what the developers would have done had they done if the tech was able to keep up. Although... it was rather manga-inspired in the cut scenes. It's funny, having spent soooo much time as a kid trying to beat the optional super bosses in the game. Finally beat Emerald through attrition and a good defensive strategy. I don't believe I ever managed to beat Ruby. If I did, it didn't leave much of an impression on me for whatever reason. Watching people who know what they're doing beat them is almost an art form. You should be able to find video of that N64 prototype if you poke around a bit, it was neat to watch. FF7 borrowed SO much from FF6 that it isn't even funny, yet made it seem fresh all the same. Much as I love 6, I think 7 was able to better convey characterization, if only due to the 3d models. Plus... the battle system was a lot more entertaining to watch, again, due to the increased horsepower of the system.
  5. Thread title pretty much sums it up. The game that popularized the RPG genre in the west, is now two whole decades old. I still have issues of EGM covering the development of it, from 1996. I'm listening to the soundtrack as I type this (grooving to "Oppressed People" at the moment), and it still holds up really nicely. I know it will be a while before we get to play it, but man... I'm excited for the remake. I'll be buying a PS4 specifically for this game, if I haven't already bought one by then for some other game. So what about you? I know it's a divisive game these days, and to those discontent with the game for whatever reason, I still highly recommend you search out a Let's Play by a fellow named Elentor on the somethingawful LP archive. As for me, I think it was the world map reveal that really solidified how much I enjoyed this game. You go through all of the Midgar section of the game, this massive, diverse city, only to find out that it is but ONE city in the world that you're suddenly free to explore. Blew my mind as a kid.
  6. I can't get over how Nintendo hasn't made a Pilotwings game since 1996... Consider how much fun, how much innovation they could have brought to the table with their newer systems. I always liked the short, challenging nature of the series. Made repeated failure until you got it right an odd sort of fun...
  7. To me, it's always been pretty darned satisfying, the "click" of inserting a cartridge, the slide of the power button, just... how it all felt. Purely a tactile thing, but it adds something for me that I have a difficult time describing. Won't get that with the mini here, but at least I'd be using an SNES controller rather than a PS style or Xbox controller... Plus, I never owned an SNES, it's the only main console of Nintendo that I never owned.
  8. Three things that you might not be considering: -These are 100% legal, no gray area involved as far as ethics are concerned. Matters to some, I suppose. -Not everybody has the skill set or confidence to tinker with computers. I've torn apart just about every aspect of my Supra and put it back together, yet I would still have a learning curve ahead of me to build an emulator machine. -First part controllers tend to be pretty nice... That said, you do make a solid point. I'm sure that Nintendo's foolish marketing is causing a spike in Pi sales.
  9. I think 10 million would be reasonable enough to satiate most demand. If Nintendo wanted to create some customer goodwill, perhaps include the games that were on the NES Classic on the SNES version. Doubt they would do that, that would be doing right by your customer. I want to give them my money, I really do. But if I can't buy their products for at or less than MSRP, I can either wait or do without. They have to meet the customer halfway here...
  10. How would you prevent scalping for something like this? I've seen some unique approaches with concerts, but those are for a physical venue entry, not an item you buy. Think directly from Nintendo, one per credit card or address?
  11. Well, that just serves to remind us why the SNES was one of the best systems ever... looks fun!
  12. I see what you mean. Back then, I was in the same boat, five bucks would make my day in an arcade, I really had to learn how to stretch those quarters as much as possible. What I was trying to say referred to the modern time, in that some of us are fortunate enough to have expendable income, and could, in theory at least, dump quarter after quarter into a machine until we beat it. You make a fair point though, in that it was usually about determination and attrition back then, as well as a pile of allowance money, rather than outright skill. I don't know if I ever beat an arcade game, apart from possibly SF2, due to skill.
  13. Was Battletoads anywhere near as hard as the NES version? I'd consider beating them in MAME as legitimate. You can always dump as many quarters as you want into an arcade machine... not that much different.
  14. What emulators do you use?

    I've always understood it to be like translation work. If you're fluent in more than one language, you should be able to act as a medium for people who don't understand each other, right? Except, it takes a LOT of brain power and nuance to be able to do it well. I suspect the situation is the same with a computer. It can understand what you want it to do, it's just very brain power intensive to do non-native processing. I believe the example I was reading about recently was doing perfect emulation of Super Mario World. What the SNES was doing with ease was requiring a MASSIVE amount of PC power to get the exact same result, and this is 25 years later, technology wise.
  15. I can't speak for the rest of you, but the last time I nearly made an impulse purchase involving video games, was for a Wii U. I saw the controller, it was huge for the time, novel, and perhaps most importantly, innovative. The PS4 and XB1 had just came out, but I was only genuinely interested in this new Nintendo... thing. ...then I remembered that I still have a Wii that barely got played. So, I'm part of that declining sales trend as well.