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  1. Bradygames did get pretty big there for a while, but... while I can't speak about other countries, in America you can't forbid someone from printing such a book, that's part of free enterprise and freedom of the press. You, as a game developer or publisher, CAN authorize a specific book or publisher as the "official" guide, and have it be marketed as such. I have this book, and I used to have the Versus guide as well. The Bradygames guide was "official" and I seem to recall the Versus guide being advertised as "unauthorized" on the cover. Didn't stop either book from being published, and both had their merits. I actually preferred the Versus version myself, was informative without spoiling the game.
  2. Best news I've seen all day. Heh, almost feels like time travel, given how long it's been since Future Perfect...
  3. @QuietKitten Good to know about Bleemsync, I'm always a fan of being able to tinker with games, been doing that (well, got into pretty heavily for a while) back in the early 2000's. Front Mission is actually a series I could really get into, love me some SRPG's. The game I was thinking of is Carnage Heart, what an overwhelming experience for a kid to try and figure out back then... Edit: Kitsunebi beat me to it haha, thanks bud!
  4. I had picked up one of those PS emulator systems. Haven't had time to play with it yet, but am glad to know it's easy to modify. Though... I do feel sorry for those that had to narrow down the selection of included games, SO many good ones were left out. Armored Core is definitely not the one I remember playing. The game I played, you had to basically program your mech, then start the game. Once the game started, you weren't really in control anymore. Whatever the game was called, it likely had a demo on a PS Underground issue. Or, perhaps it was Armored Core all along, and I just had a bad understanding of how to play it back then. This many years later, who knows! If you're a big AC fan, OC Remix has an album called THE ANSWER that was pretty good.
  5. When you say Playstation classic, do you mean a "stick discs in it" Playstation classic, or do you mean the Playstation Classic emulator system that came out last year? Either way, I never did really figure out the Armored Core games. They were cool in concept, but above my head. That is the one where you program in the moves your mech makes, before starting the match, correct? I might be thinking another game...
  6. Just looked them both up, doesn't bring back any memories, so I'm thinking I never found those levels. I forgot just how good looking that game was though, it holds up pretty darned well, I must say.
  7. I don't recall the pachinko / leaf levels you speak of mvangord? I mean, it's been 15 or 16 years since I played Sunshine, but I do remember it being a LOT of fun, and a beautiful game to boot. Fairly certain I beat it, but I never went back to play through it like I did with 3 or World.
  8. I thought the Versus version of the guide was better overall. No spoilers, and some really unique materia combinations. Funny to see that people have dissected that game to the point that Emerald Weapon can be defeated by a level 7 Tifa, no joke.
  9. Heh, this one brings back some fond memories. Anyone else's friends read ahead and spoil parts of the game?
  10. A remaster would be nice. Remember the map creator? Zombie survival mode? Some of the silly weapons and humor? Man... getting all nostalgic here. Good call on Timesplitters.
  11. That's a good idea, but I think Free Radical is no more, or was absorbed by another company. Not sure what happened with the rights to the IP, but that was a fantastic shooter in an era that was sort of between surges in popularity for the genre. I mean, it followed the Doom and Goldeneye era, but predates the Call of Duty and Battlefield era. Not sure why Timesplitters wasn't more popular, it felt really good, and the premise was fun.
  12. Kinda the same story here. Got the SNES classic last year, and we played quite a bit of Yoshi's Island. Turns out, it's a pretty big game... Beat Legend of Zelda Link to the Past, forgot just how good that one was. Tried numerous other games on it, and picked up an NES classic earlier this year, played a handful of things on there too. Spent a lot of my free time in the last year dedicated to my racing hobby. That... can take up a lot of time, but is certainly rewarding on a personal level and a lot of fun to share with passengers.
  13. Agreed. Lost Sphear looked pretty neat as well. I remember Mike Matei (of AVGN) playing some other RPG a while back, if I recall, that was also developed by Square. I believe it was just a beta, but it definitely looked promising.
  14. Agree with you on both points. Square seems so hesitant to touch the Chrono series again. Perhaps that is what happens when the bar is set as high as it has been? Although, have you seen I Am Setsuna? It gives me hope that they haven't forgotten the Chrono roots...
  15. Interesting counter point. In the US, you get a few warnings for violations of the DMCA, but after that, your service is canceled. I don't think one would want to be caught further pushing that envelope, lest one run afoul of FBI anti-piracy enforcement. Few, if any sites of such a nature are likely to be based in the US due to the nature of our laws here. That may be part of why our country has such an interest in monitoring any and all traffic going between any and all countries, to satisfy copyright holder's rights. I fear we may be going off on a tangent, even if it is related to the main discussion at hand. Not that I mind, discourse like this is informative, and we'd all do well to learn new things on occasion. CRTC being the arbiter of legality on the use of the internet seems like a slipper slope though. The FCC is mainly a watchdog organization, or at least that is its intended purpose as I understand. The courts are who decides the cases based on existing laws, where the FCC recommends and enforces regulation of the various communication industries. At its core, the FCC *should* be looking out for us, the consumers. Currently, I see it as looking out for the distributors. That is the root of the problem.