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  1. I always wanted to play it (I mean, it's Square from their golden era...) but never put in the effort to track it down. Having seem some of Triangle Strategy, I suspect they'll do right by the remaster. Glad to share the news!
  2. Yes it certainly was. Have you seen that we are finally getting an official release of Live A Live?
  3. Amazing to me that even nearly 30 years later, that game is still drawing people in the way it does. Truly timeless.
  4. I recall enjoying Splinter Cell from a technical perspective, the gameplay was good. I was always more a fan of the MGS series though. Shame they're both seemingly dead at this point. Weird as this will sound, I think the best "stealth" game I've seen in the last few years is probably RE7. Talk about getting discovered being a bad thing! I also really appreciated the ability to utilize stealth in Breath of the Wild.
  5. @spaceghost How's it play without the motion controls, is it to your liking? When I played Breath of the Wild, had to turn off the motion controls, that was really annoying.
  6. That's good to hear. I had a friend of mine who wasn't even born when Secret of Mana came out, so seeing all these re-releases and remakes on the Switch seemed like a good game to co-op with him. Unfortunately he moved about 5 hours away, so game time is gonna have to be online from now.
  7. How was it? I remember being turned off when it came out on PS1 back in the day, because I was expecting Secret of Mana... Does it hold up well?
  8. I stand corrected, thank you. Seems it wasn't until Gex 2 and 3 that different regions had different voice actors for Gex. I could possibly see the series getting a new release at some point, looks like Square Enix owns the rights to it. Then again, they also own the rights to the Legacy of Kain series, and well... we see how that turned out.
  9. Dana Gould did the UK version, correct? If I recall correctly we got Dana Carvey here in the US. It's been a minute or two since I last played a Gex game. That was one of the few 2D series that actually made a good jump to 3D. Kinda surprising that the series didn't ever have any entries past the PS1 era...
  10. You know what? I like it, a LOT. Who would you have do the voice though? I think Jimmy Carr could be fun in that role... I still have my long box copy of the first game.
  11. Well I dove into FF7R in January. Over the course of three months, I put something like 185 hours into it. Went through every nook and cranny I could, just to take it all in on my first playthrough. Then I tackled Hard Mode. Surprisingly fun, I don't generally bother with "challenging" modes like that, but I enjoyed the combat system so much that I played through it a second time. Only had trouble with a few bosses, the rest of it was a cake walk more or less.
  12. Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Yeah, I know part one just came out, but... I'm sure part two would be perfectly welcome.
  13. Interesting perspective Kitsunebi. I have a couple project cars, and do all the maintenance for the fleet (as well as help out friends with theirs on occasion) so I can relate to the satisfaction of completing lots of little jobs. The big ones... those can really take some motivation to be mentally prepared for. As far as gaming goes, I've been into the "big" games for so long, I think nothing of pouring a day or two into one. In fact, if I'm not able to clear out at least two or three hours, I almost never even bother turning one on. Different strokes, I suppose. That said, I'm a big fan of comics and manga myself, have been for decades now. Trying my best not to rush through Berserk, given that I know Muira's release schedule on that one is, well, let's be polite and call it "glacial" shall we?
  14. Heh, I kinda live in isolation anyhow, even without this pandemic going on. Small town life, I'm sure some of you can relate. To me, I figure entertaining the brain, no matter how one goes about it, is a worthwhile pursuit. So long as your actions don't adversely affect anyone, of course. If you can better yourself in the process, all the better. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go play some more Breath of the Wild with a friend. Really, this one... I think it fulfills Miyamoto's vision of "exploring as a child" that he created the first game from.
  15. Loved the original, GBC, and the latest remake. One of my favorite games of all time. Headed toward endgame on this one with a friend. 900 koroks, you say? Sheesh... no wonder it has seemed like we've been tripping all over them lately! Hey now, let's not start on how much anime I've watched over the years... Just top of my head, I've seen the DBZ dub (over 300 episodes, if I recall correctly), DB Kai (well, up to about 60 episodes anyway), most of Naruto, much of it twice since I watched it with my wife later on, and this one is 700 episodes... Initial D and Cowboy Bebop with numerous friends that I've introduced those to as well. I bet I've spent more time watching anime in the last 20 years than gaming. I haven't started yet, but what I've seen a friend stream so far... wow. They had the world to risk in remaking that one, and it seems they've done well. I especially love the weight and gravity the atmosphere and characters have. The voice acting too, I refuse to spoil anything, but there's a part where Barrett hits rock bottom that nearly brought me to tears. That'd be the second time that game (including the original) that this has happened.
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