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  1. For me, the Sega Nomad. I never owned one, but my cousin had one and when we went on roadtrips, I'd bring all my Sega games and he'd let me play the crap out of that thing. I would have given anything if I could have gotten one for my own.
  2. Mine would go something like this.... Golden Axe - I played this game more than any of my Sega games. Sonic the Hedgehog - The is the gold standard for any Sega owner. The Revenge of Shinobi - Hard as hell, but fun and adventurous. Tommy Lasorda Baseball - Homerun after homerun. Castlevania Bloodlines - True to the side scrolling format, this game owned! Sipder-man - Long, fun and the ending took me forever to figure out. Streets of Rage - Right up there games like Final Fight, this one brought it on the Genesis. Captain America and the Avengers - Nonstop Marvel bliss. Shadow Dancer (the secret of Shinobi) - This game was fun as hell, especially with the dog. Jurassic Park - So hard on so many levels for me, I don't think I ever beat it.