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  1. We're back in business! Thanks guys.
  2. Hi There, Tried downloading some Nintendo Power and Gamepro Magazines and this was the message I got for each one. Did something happen?
  3. MachineGunTommy

    Question about UK computer and video games

    I believe they're currently working on moving their downloads from Megaupload to other sites but it's a long painstaking process. Not everything is moved over yet.
  4. MachineGunTommy

    The Final Nintendo Power Cover is Awesomely Nostalgic

    My subscription ran out shortly after they announced they were ending publication, so I wasn't able to renew. I spent the last 5 or so months waiting for the next issue to show up at Barnes & Noble. Was able to snag a newsstand copy at BNN and wanted another one to keep sealed but a week later they were nowhere to be found. I had been subscribing since the Nintendo Fun Club days, I stopped for a bit during the Gamecube Era but started up again during the Wii. My wife actually e-mailed them to ask for one of those farewell letters since we're in the process of trying to collect whatever we're missing. Thankfully they obliged. It was a really sad issue. Especially at the end with Nester.
  5. MachineGunTommy

    What Magazines Have You Got?

    Here's what I got: Nintendo Fun Clubs 1,2,4,5,6 (missing that ever elusive volume 3 that goes for insane money on eBay) Nintendo Power Volumes 1-136. Then it stops for a while until Issue 198. I had stopped subscribing for a bit during the Gamecube Era. I started subscribing again and have just about all the issues right up until the last one (R.I.P :( ) I'm still working on collecting the missing issues. In fact the whole reason I found Retromags was because I wanted a way to read my Nintendo Powers on my iPad so that A: I wouldn't have to disrupt some of the older, more brittle issues from the 1980s, and B: Not have to paw through each issue to find what I'm looking for. So this worked out great. I *had* the first 100 or so issues of Gamepro but those are sadly lost to time. Another set of mags I'm glad is on this site. I actually miss the retro advertisements the most. I'm still a subscriber to Game Informer but as a former Gamestop Employee back in my college days who was required to push them on each customer I don't really have an attachment to them.
  6. Hello MachineGunTommy, Welcome to the Retromags Community!