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  1. Source: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Player_One. "Le magazine cessera sa publication en janvier 2000 (numéro 104)" means that the last issue came out in January 2000 (issue 104).
  2. Hello! I'm having trouble with the BBCode editor for indexing magazines. Let's look at this magazine: http://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/uk/super-play/super-play-issue-8#.VQVpWt_0_CJ When creating a bullet list and indenting it, as in the DRIVING GAMES SPECIAL heading in the indexing of the linked magazine, it will (sometimes) flatten the indentation after previewing if there isn't a non-indented bullet right after the indentation ends. In the example I am using an empty bullet right after the indentation. If the empty bullet is removed, the indentation will flatten after a preview. Go on and try it if you wish by pressing Edit, but please use Preview instead of Save. Note that it looks as it should before Preview or Save are clicked. Sometimes it works without a bullet aftewards, as in the end of the ADVERTISEMENTS heading. If it works or not seems completely random, and looking at the BBCode source there doesn't seem to be any difference between them. Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem? Is there an update to the BBCode editor available that fixes these issues? Also, sometimes the editor doesn't let me change boldness or italics. Try for example selecting the SYSTEMS COVERED heading at the top and changing boldness. For me, neither the button or the keyboard shortcut works. I can change boldness if I rewrite the text. Moreover, some minor edits like adding a line break and then clicking Save will not be saved. Thank you!
  3. There are 104 issues (1-104) plus 3 special issues (HS 06, HS Chroniques, HS La compil 1994) of Player One. I can't read French, though ^^.
  4. Hello! Here are some (minor) issues I'm having with the site: When an issue is edited by clicking Edit Issue, making a change and then clicking Save, Phillyman is always(?) credited when clicking Magazines in the menu bar. Is this because his name is almost always leftmost in the Page Credits field when editing a magazine? It doesn't matter that much if credit isn't given when I'm making edits; it's just a bit weird. When clicking a video game magazine that hasn't been edited, you are informed about the 2014 competition. I believe it's over. Again, just a minor issue Also some requests: As I've stated in my earlier forum post, the submitted Nintendo Magazine System issues are actually for the AUS version. Could someone create the AUS version and place the files there instead? Could someone add the missing Super Play Gold 1993 issue to the Super Play magazine section? I want to index it. And a question: Is it ok to submit scans from the Internet Archive like this one https://archive.org/details/Superplay_Issue_06_1993-04_Future_Publishing_GB (The whole magazine can be downloaded to the left)? I have not uploaded it myself.Thank you!
  5. Well, first Micro Hobby needs to be added as a section (which probably only someone with higher privileges can do), and then you just provide download links for the magazines.
  6. Hello! The two downloadable issues for Nintendo Magazine System (UK) are actually for the Australian magazine with the same name. As of now, there is no Magazines section for the Australian version. Thank you for a great site!
  7. I cannot find any front cover for that issue, but it's possible. If the Earthworm Jim one isn't #41, you should still upload it anyway. #41 will be used for a video game Wikipedia article.
  8. Or you can try this link: http://community.retromags.com/files/ None of them seems to be uploaded already. The tabs doesn't work for me either. I believe it has to do with the events described in the beginning of this post: http://community.retromags.com/topic/8311-retromags-20-arrives-in-2013-now-100-funded/#.UPZ23iftWSo and will maybe be fixed soon.
  9. Hi! I'm a new member here at retromags. By starting a wikipedia video game article I ended up here, and realized how valuable a database with video game magazine article information would be for us wikipedians. Therefore I would love to transcribe some magazines. Firstly, I wonder if there is any need for transcribers, i.e. someone that puts notes about articles in a database. If the new database (described here: http://community.retromags.com/topic/8311-retromags-20-arrives-in-2013-now-100-funded/#.UPUu-SftWSo) is on its way, there is maybe no point in starting now, as the work needed to port it to the new database maybe would be even greater than transcribing. So how is the Database progress going? Secondly, I have some database experience myself and would like to propose a SQL database schema (modified slightly from the posted one): Retromags SQL Database Schema Proposal Magazines - This is used for Magazine information, not about specific issues. id (key) name country editor publisher Issues - (Often) used in conjunction with Magazines table. magazine_id (key) issue_number (key) year month contents_summary cover_page_link download_link Games id (key) genre (necessary?) country (necessary?) publisher_id release_date youtube_video game_synopsis Quotes from the reviews of the time it was released (NP, GamePro, EGM, etc) Note about the Games table: Ratings are not needed in Games table because of Articles table. Articles - Would often be used to find information about which magazine issues hold information about a specific game. Highly valuable for wikipedians ^^. game_id (The id of the game in the article) magazine_id (The id of the magazine the article is in) issue (The issue of the magazine) page (The page in the magazine the article starts on) rating (The rating in the article, or mean of rating in percent) quote (One quote from the article) Publishers id (key) name Advertisement_scans game_id link Game_names - Used since games can have different names (e.g. Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra Spirits, Super Probotector). Makes the schema much more searchable. game_id name At first, this database design may seem overly complicated, but there are some advantages over the posted one: More searchable. Less redundancy (Saves space). Still highly usable due to the SQL JOIN. Less room for spelling mistakes, due to no names being keys. Probably the database schema being worked on looks more like this instead of the one posted. Please criticize and point out mistakes, I can take it. Thirdly, I'm looking for a scan of Game Player's 41, June 1994 ^^.
  10. Hello 16bitsOfHerbert, Welcome to the Retromags Community!