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  1. I could've sworn it was the first one, but maybe you're right?
  2. Also, is there a spot in this forum where I can just look at old GamePros myself in a PDF or CBR format or something? I've looked the site over and all I can find is the gallery which seems to be mostly covers and people saying on the forum that some magazines are available but I have no idea where. Can anybody direct me to a link or something if I can just find it myself? I'm kind of lost as of how the site actually works.
  3. I recently moved and in the shuffle of things to keep/things to lose, I mistakenly got rid of my big box of old GamePros and Sega Visions. Now that I know sites like this exist, I'm kind of kicking myself over it. I'm trying to reference something for a friend of mine but I can't find the ad anywhere on the internet and I know it existed as I had cut it out of one of the magazines. There was an advertisement for Die Hard Trilogy, I believe showcasing it for PlayStation 1. It's not the ads already on the site (The "Prepare to get your mind blown" ones - not that). This one shows a guy in a Poloroid picture dressed like John McLane and he looks all burned and cut up, and on the white part of the picture-square, there's writing explaining that he was a stunt double or look alike. I think the whole ad was centered around something like "There's only one John McLane" or something. I'm looking for a good scan of this ad. All I know is that it was in GamePro and it was sometime around 1996 when the game came out. Can anybody help me?
  4. Hello mDt, Welcome to the Retromags Community!