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    Video Game Magazines Disappearing ......

    The problem with PC magazines and Videogame magazines is that the people who read them wil obviously tend to be mroe tech savvy simply do to their interests. People who are tech savvy are going to go to blogs, websites, and news feeds for information on gaming. Not to mention gaming news comes about so rapidly these days that a magazine can't keep up. Nor can you beat the fidelity of new game images onle, trailers, or the rapid pace of rumors and leaked information. It's ugly, but game magazines were destined to die. Those other magazines are still on a rack because their field doesn't play by the same rules en mass just yet. I'll never forget going into a store when I was younger to grab the latest issue of Game Players, but today that experience has long since died. I'm okay with it too... It's cool to have the actual magazines, but eventually it just strangles your living space.
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