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  1. Hi guys! currently working on a 2.5d shooter with mechanics and gameplay inspired by contra. Need some feedback for further development and writing a paper for my school as well. Would be awesome if you guys could help me play and fill out a survey?... Thanks!
  2. JonneLyonne

    Prototype for new 2d platform Shooter

    I realise I have stupidly neglected to put the link to my prototype and sincerely apologize! here it is:
  3. JonneLyonne

    Classic Run & Gun Video Game Survey

    Just thought I'd link you to a new post I started with a prototype for the game I'm starting to work on,
  4. Hi All, Based on the opinions you have given me via the survey I posted previously, I was able to develop a prototype of the game I had in mind. It's only one level long and there were a few limitations I had to work around as I was using a free version of Game Maker Studio (might buy the full version if it proves to be viable for this project and others). Please bear in mind, this prototype is primarily meant to try and gather your opinions on the kind of stuff which should be going into the engine and to a much lesser extent, assess the graphical and auditory style of the game. Please find the prototype for you to try and a reflective survey to fill out afterwards here. Do read the post and play the prototype before completing the survey. Ps. For those who were wondering what I meant in the previous survey about being involved in the development, it ranges from anything to do with actual production to providing opinions on basically anything in the game. Pss. Please follow the blog if you are keen on receiving updates on the progress for the game. Thank you! Cheers!
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    Classic Run & Gun Video Game Survey

    Thanks a lot! The questions are there to help me confirm certain aspects about the people who enjoy these games, perhaps you're right about some of the answers being a little undefined, but that is what I have the comments section at the bottom for. That said, I do agree with most of what you've said and my aim is definitely on polishing the game-play, enemy and level designs before thinking too much about the graphical and auditory aspects of the game. Sorry about the double post, thanks for the suggestions, have just made posts on both sites and hope to get more replies soon. I am actually hoping to finish a prototype sometime soon and I hope to get feedback and etc from yourself and everyone else who has been keen to help so far. Thanks again!
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    Classic Run & Gun Video Game Survey

    Thanks a lot for your reply... if its not too much too ask though, could I get a bit of help from you to pass this survey on to other people who you think might be interested?... or are there any other forums which you think I can post this survey on to get more results?...
  7. Hi all! Would like to conduct a quick survey related to classic run and gun games in order to facilitate better development of a game I want to start working on. Please help if you're keen! Thanks!
  8. Hello JonneLyonne, Welcome to the Retromags Community!