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  1. Marathon. Painful. Done. Next.

  2. Achieved a new personal record with @RunKeeper: Distance... #FitnessAlerts

  3. #Marathon preparation #toptip. The day before the big event, make sure you see at least one panda. That is my task for the day. #edinburgh

  4. Just off to see The Postal Service like it ain't no thang. It is a thang (thing).

  5. The music is amazing. Can't believe those that would rather live in the past and re-use the (admittedly great) Williams score. #manofsteel

  6. There is a special place in hell for cinemas that merge their concessions stand with the box office. It's probably in hell's shopping mall.

  7. I thought Vine was pointless, but now there is a point to it. That point is called @SageFrancis

  8. In two weeks I'll be running a#marathon in #Edinburgh. It has come around so quickly.

  9. The Dark Knight Rises - Loved it, perhaps my favourite in the trilogy. A strong emotional punch and a complex relationship to its source.

  10. I have written tweet-length reviews of each film I have seen this year. Will posting them be a sure-fire way of losing followers?

  11. Need to rethink my plan for the day now I have a lack of wheels, otherwise I will waste it. I'm too good at wasting days.

  12. Those 'cool' silicone valley offices ala Facebook and Google seem a bit annoying in the UK. Still beats the grey of most offices.

  13. Arrived at #soundtalks. Looking forward to some interesting discussion about narrative and storytelling