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  1. marlonrapalo

    NextGen Issue 085 (January 2002)

  2. marlonrapalo

    NextGen Issue 084 (December 2001)

  3. marlonrapalo

    NextGen Issue 082 (October 2001)

  4. marlonrapalo

    NextGen Issue 073 (January 2001)

    One of my favorites magazines of all time. I still have the physical edition, but its good to make a backup, because any accident. Thanks a lot. The article of the first and second party's extensive and interesting. How many developers survive today its a great question.
  5. marlonrapalo

    New Release: NextGen Issue 71 (November 2000)

    Another great magazine from Next Gen. I love the size of the magazine. But what appreciate from the folks at Next Gen is the view of the videogame industry, the interviews, the review sections. Thanks for the magazine.
  6. marlonrapalo

    NextGen Issue 068 (August 2000)

    Another great magazine from Next Generation. I enjoy a lot reading this magazine. Thanks.
  7. marlonrapalo

    NextGen Issue 067 (July 2000)

    Next Generation its one of my favorite magazines. The interviews with the developers are unique. I leanso much from the industry of videogames. Thanks for the magazines. Please upload all the magazines fromthe year 2000 and 2001.
  8. marlonrapalo

    NextGen Issue 059 (November 1999)

    This is a wonderful magazine. Thanks a lot. I love the review for Soulcalibur. The Dreamcast was a great console. I still own one.
  9. Hello marlonrapalo, Welcome to the Retromags Community!