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  1. warwelf

    PSM Issue 002 (October 1997)

    SoTN is in my all-time top ten. Great magazine for original Playstation fanatics!
  2. warwelf

    First Video Game Console You Bought?

    First console I owned was the Sega Genesis with Streets of Rage 2 bundle. Still one of my favorite games. Its not that I'm that young, but I lived in Argentina until 1991, so games were a bit hard to come by!
  3. warwelf

    Must have Sega Saturn games

    I loved my Saturn back in the day (and still play it from time to time). Here's my top picks: Guardian Heroes Panzer Dragoon (series) Virtua Fighter (series) Nights (with 3d control pad) Virtua Cop (series, with lightguns which you'll need a crt tv to use) Sega Rally Solar Eclipse Mortal Kombat Trilogy Legend of Oasis Powerslave Shining the Holy Ark Shinobi Legions All these games should be fairly easy to find on ebay, and with the exception of Panzer Dragoon Saga, should cost between $5-40. Good luck!
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