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  1. I have only beat Final Fight and Battletoads at the arcade. I have beat many in mame but that dose not really count lol.
  2. What Retro Game are you playing now?

    Sadly this is very true. I miss old Capcom so much.
  3. Some of my go to games where Outrun, Final Fight, Street Fighter II, X-Men and TMNT. Final Fight is the only arcade game I ever beat. Man I miss those days.
  4. What Retro Game are you playing now?

    Right now I am playing Breath of Fire II with the fixed translation. Such a good game wish Capcom would make a new one.
  5. PSM Issue 021 (May 1999)

  6. New Release: Ultra Gameplayers 103 (November 1997)

    Thanks so much for these issues.
  7. Very nice, thanks for the issues.
  8. Error Downloading

    I just got this as well. Downloaded two mags and got the error for the 3rd one.
  9. New Release: PSM Issue 23 (July 1999)

    Thank you for sharing this.
  10. New Release: Game Buyer Issue 1 (July 1998)

    Wow very nice. Thanks for adding this.
  11. Wooot. Very nice. I love these buyer's guides.
  12. Very nice. Thanks for adding this.
  13. Favorite movie based on a game?

    Mine would have to be a tie between Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill. I loved both of those movies. And to this day I still have not seen the Mario Brothers movie.