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  1. Back in June I got an Xbox Series X. I feel very lucky. Not seen any since nor have I seen any PS5.
  2. Man I would love a new F-Zero, but its been 16 years since the last one. I don't think Nintendo will ever make a new one at this point.
  3. Very nice. Thanks for adding this.
  4. I know I sure do. The one games I think I used to own but don't really remember is Jurassic Park Rampage Edition. I swear that I did but when I see let's plays of I am really not sure. A few things look familiar, but nothing really jogs my memory.
  5. To read old mags that I had missed and to read the ones that I own that are starting to come apart.
  6. Very nice man. I just finished for the first time, Super Mario Land. Not a bad little game.
  7. This past winter sale on steam I picked up the doom pack. Never played the original doom till now. I feel like I missed out on so much. lol
  8. I know this might sound like an odd game to bring back. But I wish Koei would make a new Aerobiz game. I still play Supersonic to this day.
  9. Same here, I love Super Mario World to this day. I know Final Fight for the SNES gets a lot of hate now days. But at the time it was the next best thing to the arcade.
  10. Getting my NES the Christmas of '89 and getting Super Castlevania 4 and Final Fight for my SNES in '91 stand out the most to me. Man I miss those days.
  11. Hi there. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  12. I have only beat Final Fight and Battletoads at the arcade. I have beat many in mame but that dose not really count lol.
  13. Sadly this is very true. I miss old Capcom so much.
  14. Some of my go to games where Outrun, Final Fight, Street Fighter II, X-Men and TMNT. Final Fight is the only arcade game I ever beat. Man I miss those days.
  15. Right now I am playing Breath of Fire II with the fixed translation. Such a good game wish Capcom would make a new one.
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