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  1. I have since picked up about 12 issues in the 180-195 range, but again, there's apparently policies on this site keeping issues past 1999 from being hosted, until they're possibly lifted, though there seems to be no signs of that happening. As for scanning..well, I'd like to learn how the cbr archives are made for these, because even if I don't upload them here, I'd like to add my physical magazines to my digital collection.
  2. I've only just recently discovered this site, and I'd first like to thank Phillyman and anyone else responsible for offering these deep treasure troves of decades-old gaming memories. My personal Nintendo Power collection now covers everything from the beginning up through summer 2001, but it's around there where things drop off, unfortunately. I stumbled upon another archive site which covered me for all of 2000 and half of 2001, but issue #146 is the first blank spot. They have a few later issues, but more missing entries alternate with these up to #169 where they end. I won't link to the site at the moment in case that's against the rules, but I will obviously do if I'm informed it's okay. So, does anybody have leads on the remaining years of this beloved publication? I have to believe they're "out there" but torrents and Google searches bring back either nothing, or years-dead torrents. It's frustrating, as I'm sure some of you can agree. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. I'd obviously love to just have all the magazines in their physical form, as I'm beginning to really crave the stuff from my childhood as I get older. Cheers for reading and responding, and keep on gaming. ~
  3. Hello Pavlovtiger, Welcome to the Retromags Community!