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  1. That's pretty cool stuff. Thanks for the confirmation!
  2. So was that advertised on the registry form you'd send in, or do you mean a confirmation received afterwards? Meaning, would you know beforehand that you would get a copy for registering, or did that come as a surprise after you registered?
  3. Hi, many sources on the web state that Sega sent out Virtua Fighter Remix to all registered Saturn owners in the US for free in late 1995. I've been going through some magazines of the time, but so far haven't found any evidence for this. Anyone ever see this announced in a contemporary mag?
  4. derboo

    New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hi, I'm derboo, some of you may have read stuff I wrote for Hardcore Gaming 101. Since most of our articles are about vintage games, I think old magazines are indispensable to get some historic context, and to get the facts straight. So big kudos to everyone who helps preserving them and keeping them available.
  5. Hello derboo, Welcome to the Retromags Community!