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  1. I'd love to help here too since I think I have a couple of old issues from the 2000s era in a cardboard box and I do have a scanner but I'm not even sure on what format I would save it on, even more so where to upload it safely without the flak and legal ramifications of copyrights and so on. in a way I'm finding myself in a similar position to Pavlovtiger because now and then I'm feeling myself craving the old mags and books I read during the 90s and 2000s, Nintendo power, gamepro, egm, tips and tricks and so many have I have wanted to read so badly that the way I see it now it would have been great to have a scanner back then to scan each and every single copy I could've had a hold of now my only option is to go to internet auctions, swap-meets, flea markets, amazon, eBay, those thrifty shops (not to be confused with the ice cream shop) similar to the salvation army or goodwill and so on so I can scan and archive any magazine I could find and also share some of it here or any place that's acceptable and so it would be accessible for the member's viewing pleasure only on the condition that it's for their private and home use but basically I think that's why this site is dedicated to do anyways. here's a site that's similar to this one but only offers information: http://www.gamingmagz.com/magazines/usa/nintendo-power#.UUtUAxfn_cs, anyways I hope everyone gets to read what they want in the end.
  2. Hello Hawk13, Welcome to the Retromags Community!