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    How do you keep track of your magazines?

    I use Excel with pretty much your categories with a little more on dates and money. I'm more than a little OCD and I'm trying to database everything I own. I started this and decided to get rid of over half my junk. Its great.
  2. I use an ASUS MeMO Pad with Moon Reader Pro. Its really slow and very clunky, but i take a few minutes on each page so i don't need speed, and it's large enough for my eyes. Its a very thrifty way to read, I'd really like those new iPads tho.
  3. adultdoug

    Whats your favorite classic video game magazine?

    The first gaming mag i ever got was the Gamepro with Sonic 2. I was young and not the best at video games, Sonic 2 was the first game i beat before my older brother, and I still hold it over him to this day. Because he's pretty much beat me at everything else. Anyways, Gamepro had written something on how to beat the first 2 bosses and I was able to apply that to the rest of the bosses and reap the rewards the magazine offered. Winning!
  4. adultdoug

    Sean697 work in progress?

    Thanks for your effort Sean. And thanks to others for voicing your guys' support. I knew when I found this site, its passion that keeps it growing and being awesome. I can't wait to collect them all.
  5. adultdoug

    Podcast talking about early 90's game mags...

    all right. going to find now. thanks for your dedication to your passion.
  6. adultdoug

    Did anyone here read GamePro back in the 90's?

    how so? i know EGM was amazing, but what about gamepro did you out grow? I had a subscription to this and tips and tricks. i had more information on all the upcoming games than any of my other classmates. It was the coolest.
  7. Hello adultdoug, Welcome to the Retromags Community!