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    Video Games & Computer Entertainment mag

    Gamepro would give the odd blatently bad review.. but in many cases you could tell that while they didn't like a game they were trying very, very hard to find something positive to say. It's kind of the same vibe I got from the early Nintendo Powers where at worst a game would get a mediocre review. I mostly hated Gamepro because it was written for 8 year olds and full of poorly drawn pictures. I guess it wasn't the artists fault.. I can't imagine the pressure on that guy. Hey we need 78 different drawings of SF2 and MK characters for this months issue alone! Here's a box of markers.. you have 11 days. It couldn't be easy. VG&CE was a great magazine though.. my favorite until Next Generation came out which all in all is probably still the best video game magazine ever.
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    Video Games & Computer Entertainment mag

    Old Post but figured I'd comment.. VG&CE was my favorite magazine during that Nintendo/Genesis period. I loved it for 2 reasons.. One was the writing was definitely aimed at a slightly older crowd. I was what, 14 in 1990? So I never liked magazines like GamePro because they were just so low brow. Plus I always got the feeling that GamePro sugar coated everything.. even bad reviews.. to keep from annoying the game companies/advertisers. The other thing that was awesome about VG&CE was that they covered computers. As much as i loved my Nintendo and Genesis I also played C=64 / PC games and was happy to get both in one magazine. I never cared much for the PC gaming mags of the time as they were very stuffy and not a lot of fun. I guess they were too far in the other direction target audience wise. I also appreciated that VG&CE ran articles on gaming history and various topics. Few other magazines ever bothered to do things like that.. if there was a special section it was simply a moves guide for Mortal Kombat or something. After it went from VG&CE to just VG it was awful and I stopped reading. GamePro Lite is an apt description.
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    What Magazines Have You Got? Hey guys. I know the site is going through some flux (?) with the downloads and all. But I thought I'd post an introduction. I've been cleaning out some storage areas and looks like I've got most of my old video game magazines. The vast bulk of my collection is from 1987 - Present. Most of the issues would be from the 8-bit/16-bit era as the Internet lessened the need for magazines.. as well all know. I haven't sat down to actually figure out an inventory yet but roughly this is what I have. EGM - Probably close to a full run. If I have holes its in the early issues. I had a subscription for most of the 90s. Although I'll have to sit down and see if what's been lost in the shuffle. EGM^2 - I should have them all but once again will have to look Next Generation - Close to a complete run. I started reading around issue 3 or 4 and had a subscription shortly there after. I do know some issues aren't account for as I only have about 6 issues from the final year. I did find the final cancelation letter though, lol Video Games & Computer Entertainment - A good run up until it turned into Video Games and was just awful. Game Pro - The odd issue here and there, I never liked this magazine. Nintendo Power - Mostly earlier years as this was basically a monthly nintendo advert. Fun at first but once other magazines hit it wasn't as relevant. I resubscribed in like '98 for one year? to get a soundtrack cd. I think these have all been scanned so it doesn't really matter probably. PC Accellerator - Probably most of them. Great magazine. It was like an adult version of PC Gamer I also have TONS of misc stuff.. Computer Gaming Magazines, UK Magazines, Amiga Magazines, Posters, Inserts.. Calendars.. you name it. I also have some of the newsletters and pack-in mail away mags like Sega Vision and Turbo Zone. So while the database is being sorted I guess i'll just ask if theres anything missing thats really glaring? I can check and maybe I have it?
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