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    Retro gaming, Board Gaming, Table Top Gaming
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    Job and parenting haven't left me with much video gaming time - I do play a lot of board games though. When I do end up playing video games, I usually am using MAME to play classics or old SNES games. Red Dead Redemption was one of the last current gen games I played, and I thought the experience was awesome.
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    Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy II (IV), A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, Bubble Bobble, Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Suikoden, Alundra, Castlevania II, WWF Royal Rumble, Mortal Kombat II
  1. Kyron35

    PSM Issue 001 (September 1997)

    Such a great time in my life for video games. I loved this magazine! I forget how I stumbled on it but was lucky to get a subscription out of the box. <3 Bill Donohue
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