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  1. @RibenaUK Anyone know where I can buy the original Ribena? I go through 2 bottles of the concentrate a week and the…

  2. Issue 5: Also for those of you who prefer a certain Sony console I have scanned Volume 2 Issue 9 of Playstation Plus:
  3. Would you be able to give a list of all the files? There are programs that can take a directory and list all the files in all the subfolders, would be great to see what it contains
  4. I got a length of 18904 in! Can you beat that? #slitherio

  5. Not sure how to edit posts (maybe my account doesn't have enough posts to get the editing feature) so I'll add another scan: Note you can get issue 2 and 3 of 64 Solutions on so my next scan is issue 4:
  6. I guess I am more than a year too late for what I promised but here is an N64 magazine scan to enjoy: Download:
  7. Wow thank you to both of you for the insight, really appreciate it It was something I have wondered about for a while as I absolutely love the massive pixel perfect maps that were in many of the old game magazines, to me it's a work of pure art. Do you happen to know any additional information about the frame capture devices? They sound like a really interesting piece of hardware! I downloaded Nintendo Power issue 1 and see exactly what you mean when I look really closely I can see the stitch lines you mentioned on Double Dragon and even Mario: I'm guessing the later issue started to use the hardware or developer contacts to get the images as they seem a bit cleaner I'll look for that Player One Podcast with the former EGM editors thanks for letting me know. I didn't realise some games had a debug mode where you could scroll the whole level, do you happen to know which games they were? That's a very good point about the repeating texture/tile data it would be easier than I initially thought because they can find out where the tiles line up and edit accordingly.
  8. Todays scans as promised are issues of PC Gamer (UK): PC Gamer (2001-11) 102 (Future) PC Gamer (2002-01) 105 (Future) PC Gamer (2003-03) 120 (Future) PC Gamer (2003-04) 121 (Future) I should be back tomorrow with some N64 magazine scans, enjoy
  9. This is something I have been pondering over since reading through these old PlayStation solutions magazines. Back in the day strategy guides for 2D games published amazing pixel-perfect whole level images stitched together. Does anyone know how they actually did this? Did they get these images from the game companies or did they have special hardware to take screenshots and manually had to edit them together (removing player sprites etc). Here is one example of what i'm talking about, but I remember much better ones especially for the Mega Drive:
  10. Playstation Solutions WIP issue 0 page 67 #NeedsEdit

  11. Todays selection of scans, all Playstation World Magazine: PSW (UK) 27 PSW (UK) 32 PSW (UK) 42 PSW (UK) 48 PSW (UK) 53 PSW (UK) 61 Tomorrow I will be back to PC Gamer (UK)
  12. Yes OGM's Kiwi has been fantastic in helping me in the past, however he has tons of gems of his own to scan/edit and it seems a shame to waste a scanners time in a task that anyone without the means of scanning could do. Ahh a PC Gamer fan! Should I remove the links that go to issues from after December 2001? or is that just from the database? haha exactly There must be someone out there who has the skills to edit and the love of old game magazines.. right? Someone will come along eventually, at least for now its possible to read and enjoy the magazines in their rough unedited form. Between now and Christmas I aim to release a new bunch of scans every day, so here is the first batch: Playstation Solutions v01 07 (Rapide) Playstation Solutions v01 08 (Rapide) Playstation Solutions v01 10 (Rapide) Playstation Solutions v01 11 (Rapide) Playstation Solutions v01 12 (Rapide) Tomorrow I should be back with some PSW (PlayStation World) scans. Enjoy
  13. I have listed these here in the hope that some kind soul has the time and patience to edit these (cropping etc) as I sadly don't have the time at the moment. Note that you will need to click the download pdf button as the quality is much higher in the pdf than the pages you can see on the site. Total Control 01 The cover needs re-scanned as my scanner doesn't support the shiny silver: PC Gamer (2002-Xmas) 117 (Future) PC Gamer (2003-02) 119 (Future) PC Gamer (2004-07) 137 (Future) I will update this as I scan more