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    How can I convert PDF ebooks to Epub format?

    all i can say is that using a pdf document converter to convert pdf to epub and other useful image and document format. such as Adobe pdf
  2. johndoee

    Without Photoshop program/ question

    GIMP is open source image control, i have used for many years and it is working great for me. i also tried other free trial package for image application, withouth photoshop, we can still make good picture.
  3. johndoee

    Why Are All The Magazines Saved In A Weird Format?

    so many c# image formats we can make use of , it's just pdf is the most common and easy one. i like bitmap with high quality.
  4. johndoee

    Program To Convert Pdf To Cbr

    the conversion between pdf and image programme, here i will give you the latest and most useable image converter.
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