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  1. I remastered those posters, Super Metroid and Metroid II Return of Samus and didn't notice that Nintendo had used the same exact drawing of Samus until my son who is 12 pointed it out. So good eye there! I can't believe I missed it for about six months. (For some reason I posted in as 'Seven' there - think I was at work and forgot my login information or something, but anyway it's me ) I'll duly enter you in the contest!
  2. I'm trying to find the posters from Versus Books, are those player guides for download on the site? I know it's undergoing Database construction, so didn't know if they were up somewhere or going to be etc. I really want the poster for Final Fantasy VII -- too awesome. Also based on the Gamepro feedback I ordered a couple of posters of theirs from eBay and they should be in shortly Good time. I don't know why I'm so into posters and not illustrating kittens or something. Odd hobby I guess. Cheers everyone!
  3. Hey, I was wondering - this forum seems to have a lot of retro gaming magazine resources. Did any other gaming magazine besides Nintendo Power have fold out posters? Or maybe even decent art that could be collaged into a poster? Looking for the collectible franchises like Dragon Quest (Warrior) etc. I'll try to download more of your mags today and take a look. I have bad download speeds at the office thanks to them not running cable to the back of the building and wanting $100 a month to do so - I'm just on a tethered phone for now. Maybe someday I'll spring for $100 a month Internet bill. Cheers everyone! Thanks for letting me come to your forum, I know I'm a little off topic.
  4. You don't need special software to print a poster actually...any software will do even GIMP or what have you... See when you install the driver for the printer you get everything you need, you have to go into Printer Properties at time of printing. I usually have to change my settings from CM to Inches. The cruxt is having your file at 300 - 600 DPI (dots per inch - 600 is a lot but it's what you need to pull a good print). So you have to have a HUGE beautiful file that's ready for printing and a big plotter / printer to print from. I have a big HP plotter that was about $2,000. Each ink cart costs me about $40 each. Generics are about $20. I am now stocking generics encase I run out because it takes forever to get my ink from B&H. You have to be good with machines in a way because the printer is pretty finicky and it took me a couple of months to learn all its eccentric ways so we would have a good relationship. Some of my files I max out at 2gb in Photoshop. Poster files are B I G - that's why it's hard to find good posters for free online. I do requests if you need something large printed. Sometimes people have requests for box art, or a page from a players guide or Nintendo Power Magazine....they send me the item in the mail, I scan it, make the poster file, print it and ship both their original and the new poster back. If it's something I can resell I don't even charge. ( I don't print art from Deviant Art etc. that doesn't belong to me, original modern illustrations, or for games that are not retro like Assassin's Creed - I just do vintage.....if you have permission from the artist then that would be okay, but I don't want to step on someone's toes or violate copyright any worse then I am.) I love to talk shop about printing, particularly posters since it's what I do ( that and game design - but game work takes a long time before you can show what you've done! But I'm making sprites and illustrations for a game that will be out in 2014 at the moment...). I would really like to hear what posters everyone would like to see restored or created fresh. I have a game library and try think what I want in it and I ask my friends etc. but would love to have more ideas!!! And a big THANK YOU to Retromags because for someone like me who restores and researches it's an amazing assett. If I can ever be of help let me know.
  5. My latest two posters are inspired by Nintendo Power Magazine, The Legend of Zelda and Earthbound. They are posters I WISH had been released but never were. Some of the images I scanned from players handbook and Nintendo Power Magazine adverts (for Zelda). I didn't know how the community would embrace faux NPM posters so this is just totally experimental. They look great printed however and so I'll at least have a set in my studio. Check them out :-P Thank you for letting me post here -Seven from 7Hunters.Com Auction on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Legend-Zelda-Retro-Nintendo-Power-Magazine-Inspired-Series-Poster-/281104195385?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item41731d9f39 Earthbound Poster: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Earthbound-New-Poster-Art-Print-Retro-Faux-Nintendo-Power-Magazine-Poster-/281104192929?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item41731d95a1
  6. Hi, I have a lot of posters on hand, which ones do you need? Ocarina of Time Poster Sized Hyrule Overworld Lore Poster Most poster scans are really rough around the edges and HUGE (if done right, I scan at 600DPI+) so just taking the raw scan won't yeild a good poster unless you're pretty handy with Photoshop. Posters are what I do, so if you have any retro game poster questions I'm the Geektress to ask. Cheers -7 my retro-game poster web site: 7hunters.com
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Prints-Super-Metroid-and-Metroid-II-Return-Samus-Art-Print-Poster-Set-/281097231375?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4172b35c0f My auctions usually go for about half my asking price so they are a great deal :-) I have auctions each week on my posters. These are very carefully restored and printed on Photography paper. I have before and after photos and updates on my blog 7hunters. Cheers!