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  1. i would try uk leisure software charts. they may have a complete history somewhere i know for a fact they did the gaming charts back in the 80`s.. but cvg mag always had charts think it was top 20 games on each format ie spectrum,c64 amiga and atari st.they also had an allformats chart.hope that helps.
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    hi guys. ok im new to the site,well sort of i have browsed the site for sometime while never actually becoming part of the community. so today decided i would do the right thing.i did not know where to introduce my self so ive stuck it here if the mod would like to move to appropriate place then please do so. about me: im gary aka mrgrissom im 43 years old (old i know) but been a gaming fan since about 1978-ish.i live in the uk in leeds. ive had multiple systems over the years sold em then re bought them, generally had a whale of a time in gaming and still do. i have quite a few systems im not really a hand held gamer although i have had them in the past.but you carnt beat a big screen and a pad. i wouldnt say ive just got into magazines,i have had them in the past right from the off with sinclair user,crash then onto cu amiga amiga power.then obviously onto the consoles. unfortunately the mags where either lost or thrown away over time as i have moved homes a few times over the carting stuff around was a pain in the royals. so ive sort of been on a mission for about 15 months grabbing scans of magazines yep gaming mags,its much easier than having the actual thing,especially for space. still there`s nothing like the smell of a brand new mag. i do not purchase them anymore,as ive stated they take up too much space and i dont have a lot of it. i currently have about 200/300 gig of mags on my hard drive.mostly in pdf format which is a lot easier and neater in my opinion,i dont like the comic book style. obviously i know my way around the world wide web,im old school so bugger other so i know how to use usenet and newservers so forth. must admit i did have some serious mags at one point must have been over 600 of em maybe more i never counted them.i did sell aload on ebay some years ago. i did have some rare club nintendo ones these were only given out to those that actually registered with nintendo back in about 1987.thats when i purchased a nes. i actually won 2 games for registering.which were ice climber and excite bike.i still have an original club nintendo card will post image up for those that would like to see one. so thats enough of me for here to help if i can with mags,i may have some that are needed i may going to be making a excel list of mags i have in that i can work out what i have and missing. im currently looking for play uk issues found a few.but ideally would like a full collection.its probably my favourite mag of all time given that i was a big playstation fan at the time. looking forward to helping in anyways i can. btw i have some retrogamer mags that i would donate to the site if it helps.issues i have are 56,57,58,59 and 62. these are the only mags i have.
  3. Hello mrgrissom, Welcome to the Retromags Community!