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  1. You can always teach a new dog dumb tricks. #Louie

  2. This is the "coffee maker" my Nauna used up until about 6 years ago. How. Why.

  3. We got in so much trouble for stacking the stools of a shop class we weren't even in. #tbt

  4. Margaritas with my favorite scrub dddanicathomas #ImALady

  5. Oh, you know.. just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  6. I hate worrying about people. I usually don't, but when I do, shit gets outta hand. #foreal

  7. Teach me your ways, @Nick_Offerman. I've always wanted to whittle down big blocks of wood into less-big blocks of wood. Sincerely.

  8. Summertime rain clouds are my favorite.

  9. Baby Azul, looking discontent as ever. #tbt #InstaDoggy

  10. Well, here goes nothing. Literally. To say I'm wary would be an extreme understatement. #HowOldAmI ?

  11. Almost a year in, and it's pretty obvious I'm not cut out for relationships. holla holla

  12. Nobody likes you, creepy merry melodies manikin. #wemeetagain

  13. I get so many gifts in tutoring.