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  1. Hey, I'm Dan, live in St. Louis, MO. My first console was a NES I got around 1989. It was the gray one without the powerpad. My parents got me a Sega Genesis (cousin got the Super Nintendo) in 1995 for Easter. It was really an excuse for my dad to get NHL 1994, but I definitely benefited from it. Then I saved up my allowance and got a Playstation 1 in 1998. Got a job and bought a Playstation 2 in 2002. I used to buy old Nintendo Power magazines from our local library. (Usually 2 years old by the time I got them, loved those old layouts) Since Playstation games were so expensive, I relied on the Ziff Davis Official Playstation Magazine to give me something to play every month. And I had a solid several year subscription to Game informer. I loved Electronic Gaming Monthly, but only bought the occasional copy when I had some money. Love reading about and playing older videogames.
  2. First console I got was the gray NES without the powerpad. First console I saved up and bought on my own was a Playstation 1. I only had the playstation Underground 3 or 4 demo disk to play for the first two months before I could afford a game. Similar thing happened with the PS2. I could only afford the console and the first Resident Evil movie for the first month.
  3. I've read through production docs, concept art, and read every piece of trivia about Resident Evil 1, but I have never heard of this multiplayer prototype. I'd love to actually see it in action and see how the story would play out. Not every ending got both Chris and Jill out. Thanks for posting this. Incredible find.
  4. Hi all, New member to the site, can't wait to see the full 2.0 rollout. My favorite game magazine was the Ziff Davis Official Playstation Magazine (OPM) but I've been having trouble finding any scans of them. I still have the physical copies from December 1998 - November 1999 and read through them fairly often. My brother unfortunately threw away the demo disks when I was in college. Anyone have any info on scans, specifically during the Playstation 1 era of these magazines? I did a search on the site and didn't come up with anything.
  5. Hello djs9pd, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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