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    Video Games & Computer Entertainment mag

    As much as I loved Gamepro and EGM. VG&CE was awesome and probably my favorite of all time at least the earlier version since it provided a mix of both computer and console video games and some great writing involved. Never got as far as collecting the later issues which i see were a disaster.
  2. Cmartz

    First Video Game Console You Bought?

    First system parents bought me was a VCS back in 82' then they bought me a NES back in 86'. First system I actually purchased for myself was a SNES and a Gameboy. Systems owned and/or played over the years. VCS (owned) Colecovision (played) Vectrex (played) Adam (played) Intellivison ((played) NES (Owned) Sega Master (played) SNES (Still Own) Genesis (Still Own) TurboGrafx-16 (owned) TurboDuo (Owned regret selling this one) PSX (Owned) PS2 (still own) XBOX (Still own) PS3 (Still Own) Xbox 360 (Owned) Atari 7800 (Played) Atari 5200 (played) Sega Saturn (still Own) Dreamcast (still own) Atari Jaguar (owned) Atari Lynx (still own) Sega Game Gear (still own) I've owned every version of Game Boy and DS except 3DS Neo Geo Pocket (Owned) C64 (played) Amiga (Played) Magnavox Odyssey (Played) Pong (played)
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