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  1. Yeah Vuescan should work for that, only thing I noticed at least with my Fujitsu ADF is I couldn't really get it to auto size and crop anything well. But that could differ per model, I did love how it got me an actual RAW Scan with no compression.
  2. I mainly scan game boxes, manuals and carts for my site www.gamingalexandria.com but now that I have this nicer ADF I'd like to get into doing more magazines as well.
  3. Yeah I really want to avoid CIS if possible, i hate that it seems all the low end stuff only has this as an option. I'm sure it's for cost savings but it sucks. Hell my flatbed Canoscan 9000F Mark II just died over the weekend and I went to buy a new one and they apparently discontinued them late last year and I can't find a new one anywhere. They also apparently aren't replacing it with a new model which seems stupid. I may have to go with an Epson V550 I guess but I really loved my Canon. I have an Epson 10000XL but it's slower and it lacks edges to catch my ruler with on two sides so that's annoying.
  4. Sure i was just throwing it together quickly to show the obvious. Yeah it's too bad both scanners have flaws the other one doesn't, but what can you do. Glad you agree with the Epson resizing, I don't notice anything that would cause it to do that by default but I haven't played with Epson Scan much with this. Maybe it's the auto sizing that's distorting it.
  5. Also added my IT8 card scans. You can see how the Fujitsu doesn't clearly pick up the darker shades along the left where the Epson does. This is why the profiling fails on the Fujitsu.
  6. Okay I posted the scans, all I did was assign the profile to the Epson I calibrated and auto leveled in Photoshop. With the Fujitsu all I did was auto level as well. Both were saved at 90 JPEG Quality in Photoshop from their original TIFFs. They are here - https://www.gamingalexandria.com/scantest/ The Epson does better in darker areas, the Fujitsu just refuses to capture these without doing some sort of compression, even with Scansnap (Though it's much better via Scansnap). I even tried a RAW scan from Vuescan and it still had some compression artifacts which makes me think the Fujitsu's have something in their hardware doing... something to cause this. I tried contact support about it a month ago but they weren't much help unfortunately. There is some weird resizing going on though and I'm not sure which is more correct... the Fujitsu scans to my eyes seem correct? I also measured and they were closer to the actual measurements than the Epson. Makes me think the Epson is doing some sort of resizing, or maybe it's the Fujitsu. I'm just not sure how to know. I've cleaned the Epson like crazy and it's still streaking though which is unfortunate. Are they all like that? Who knows, but this one has about 10k scans total which isn't much. I have no idea how long it's been sitting though. Anyway the Fujitsu's are still great scanners, they just aren't as great in dark areas. Will your average person even notice? Probably not. If this is just a lemon Epson though and they don't normally streak like this and they are resizing the pages improperly these are fantastic cheap ADFs on Ebay.
  7. I'll do more testing today with it and post some results.
  8. It produces a better image, but it's streaking like crazy. Dunno if they all do that could be just because this one is used. The newer models seem to use CIS instead of CCD too. Odd that they went to that?
  9. Wow I was even able to profile with my IT8 card, my Fujitsu couldn't ever output anything close enough to accomplish that. This is a great bang for your buck scanner! I just wish it were A3 sized
  10. Well interesting results... It seems to streak quite a bit which is annoying, i've gotten it cleaned up pretty well where it's reduced but it's still happening on probably 30% of the scans. I may keep tinkering with it to see if I can improve it. However the quality is better than my Fujitsu, it's very noticeable in darker areas where the Fujitsu still does some sort of compression. It is however MUCH slower. I dunno, these Epson's may be the way to go for quality... Top Image is the Fujitsu, and the bottom is the Epson.
  11. @KiwiArcaderAhhh I see that could be handy! I got annoyed with the weird compression that kept happening no matter what my settings with Paperstream and ScandAllPro. I was about to give up and return my 7430 but I tried Scansnap and it worked without adding the ugly compression artifacts despite JPEG being my only option. @Areala If you're interested in it I can try and hook it up and make sure it works properly. If it does it's yours if you just send me money to ship it.
  12. Am I the only maniac with 3 scanners?
  13. Could be, it's not as nice as the 7160 but it could be on par with an ix500 and has CCD.
  14. BTW just got a Epson GT-S50 from work today that was going to be thrown away if anybody wants it. Pretty sure it works, might need a maintenance kit soon but the rollers look good to me.
  15. Is the benefit of ISIS scanning speed? I experimented a little bit with my Fujitsu but didn't notice any quality improvements unfortunately.