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  1. CanoScan 9000F Mark II is a solid flatbed honestly. I had one til it croaked and miss it!
  2. We don't exactly officially collectively work with each other but we do know of each others efforts and communicate and help out each other when we can. Like MigJmz sometimes takes my scans from the archive and adjusts them and publishes them here which I am thrilled by honestly. Same with Kiwi he uses a lot of my scans, which I am absolutely fine with. The more these are spread about the safer I feel like they are and less likely to disappear so my efforts won't have gone to waste. There's not really a running list unfortunately as there's so many scanners out there and it would be tough to get everybody to take the time to constantly update a running list of what all we're working on or have. Myself I have literally hundreds of magazines I need to scan. It's not a bad idea just not really feasible unfortunately. But like MigJmz says we do tend to focus on specific things the others don't for the most part so there's not a lot of double work.
  3. Since i calibrated with an IT8 card i turn off basically everything like this - https://scanning.guide/epsonscan Honestly though it gives really good results without any calibration. And it being CCD vs CIS gives better results imo than the LiDE series. I think if you want things to pop you'll always have to do some adjusting in Photoshop unfortunately.
  4. Epson V600 is what i recommend for flatbed if you can swing the cost. ADF the best are Fujitsu imo... 7140 work for debinded/cut magazines under A3 and can be won on Ebay for not too bad a price. A3 or stapled mags without cutting will required a 7460 which is what I personally use but they go for about $1k used. Unfortunately looks like the 7000 series is about to be dropped as the 8000 is coming out now and they don't seem to have an A3 model announced yet and they are CIS instead of CCD. Supposedly the tech in them will be "better" than CCD but I want to test it myself first. There are other options you can buy used as well, some are recommended on the guide I helped write at - https://scanning.guide/ If you have any questions just DM me, i'll try to remember to check the thread too.
  5. Ooooh scan in that Keio Flying Squadron at high res please
  6. I'd also take them if MigJmz doesn't end up wanting them, can add em to my never ending scan pile
  7. I've been dumping a lot of PS2 and rare sealed PSP games i stockpiled about 10 years ago when they were being blown out everywhere. It's nuts what stuff is going for, maybe i'll regret it in a few years but it's hard to complain about getting 5-10x what you paid originally on some of this.
  8. Yep! MigJmz saved the day the ones I uploaded that were yanked are safely here now
  9. I've got backups of all my stuff if you ever need anything lmk
  10. The Publishers Association is doing a sweep on the IA from what I understand and taking down a lot of stuff unfortunately. My two Super Plays I uploaded were taken down (luckily they're here thanks to MigJmz). Hopefully it gets sorted out before more and more stuff is yanked. What's weird is that the two super plays were taken down seperately, one was weeks after the other one so I'm not really sure how they're finding this stuff. Maybe uploading without mentioning the publisher going forward would help avoid takedowns. Not sure.
  11. I for sure get what you guys are saying in regards to 600DPI for everyday uses, I don't mind going through the QNAP and maybe uploading the RAWs to the Archive if that doesn't step on anybodys toes? The biggest benefits of 600DPI and keeping those archived to me is just that it's easier to clean up things at higher resolution and that we don't know what the future holds for displays to where maybe we'll want that large of images. In the mid 90s a 640x480 monitor was pretty sweet but now we're at 4k monitors. So you just never know (Except the limits of the human eye heh)! I'm just saying if we have the images already in 600DPI as RAWs lets get them out there and preserved in more than one place. I'm happy to work on that in my spare time if it's okay.
  12. Agree with TheRedEye and that's what I've personally been doing. It's a good idea if people don't mind going to the trouble to upload them to the Internet Archive if we have the 600DPI images. I get not wanting to host them due to size etc but the Archive can. The RAW images could be very useful down the road.
  13. Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 199 (January 2006) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: hardcorehubz    Edited By: MigJmz    Uploaded By: hardcorehubz    Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
  14. Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 185 (December 2004) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: hardcorehubz Edited By: MigJmz Uploaded By: hardcorehubz Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!
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