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    Yeah I can understand that 600dpi seems unnecessary for reading purposes but I think it would be nice to have 600dpi high quality issues out there preserved and done just in case, since the more people that have it the safer something is. Plus if it's 600dpi it can always be resized down for reading purposes if storage is an issue. Nothing I have is terribly rare, which is why i don't really have an issue debinding and scanning them in for high resolution scans. I could maybe get a couple hundred bucks selling them but I'd rather have them preserved and shared for those that want high resolution scans. I did descreen (manually) one issue this weekend when I had time and I decided this is the big knock against 1dollarscan. They do some sort of weird descreening that is very sporadic and patchy, which is why I had a difficult time descreening most pages as part of the pages would be but other spots were not. I had asked if they did any descreening that they knew of and they said they didn't think so but something is being done for sure. We have some Fujitsu 7130 scanners at work i'm going to see if I can use and get something to quickly cut and debind the magazines with and just get them scanned that way and save a lot of money. I'll still have to spend time cleaning and organizing the scans but that can't be helped. BTW Here's Volume 25 uploaded to the Archive - https://archive.org/details/NintendoPowerVolume25
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    I have most of the early issues up into the 70s of Nintendo Power and then some random ones after that. I oddly have some random Chinese Computer Gaming World issues that I may eventually get scanned. Then a bunch of random EGMs, Play, Die Hard Game Fan, and some misc. others but no PC Gamers unfortunately. I've got a ScanSnap IX500 I could personally scan magazines with with but like you said it takes a lot of personal time to debind, scan, and line and clean up. This service does a majority of that and overall it's cheap when you consider the time savings. I do think 300dpi is good enough, but I can notice some slight differences between 300dpi and 600dpi and for a buck more I'm thinking why not? Just more future-proof as everything gets will likely be read on higher resolution displays in the future. Glad you think it might be useful in some cases. I think it's a neat option to consider, although scanning and editing them yourself will always be cheaper. I'll probably do a batch of magazines in the next month and post what I get back. I'll post links to the other 6 soon as well.
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    So I've had quite a few boxes of magazines I planned to scan eventually but have no idea when I'd find the time to do it, I already run a site where I scan in manuals boxes etc. of everything I can get my hands on - www.gamingalexandria.com that keeps me busy enough. Someone alerted me to 1dollarscan.com and I thought what the hell I'd try them out. They ended up doing a pretty nice job I thought! Here's an example - http://www.gamingalexandria.com/tapedumps/Nintendo Power Jun1991 104p.pdf I had them do these at 600dpi which with how they price scanning in "sets" ended up being about $50 for 7 issues, plus it was another $16 to ship them to them. Not exactly cost effective... but a huge potential time saver. So I contacted them letting them know I had a large collection of gaming magazines I'd like to scan but needed the price to be cheaper. They agreed if I did a large enough lot they'd do them in 600dpi for $2 every 100 pages (a set). I'm considering this but would need to save up the dough to do it and/or solicit donations if others were interested in 600dpi scans. Also if there's already good quality 600dpi scans out of magazines out there then I'd rather not waste my money and destroy these issues if it's unnecessary. Does anybody have any clue what has been scanned already in 600dpi? If Retromags wants to host the scans they're more than welcome to as well, and I can post links to the other 6. Thanks, - Hubz
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    Missing Magazine: Foul, Videogame Subculture

    Actually I may not have time to do this for awhile. I could mail them to somebody else that would be willing to scan them? Also I have a ton of EGMs and Nintendo Powers from growing up, if any are missing I could send them to be scanned as well.
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    Missing Magazine: Foul, Videogame Subculture

    I am working on scanning it but it's taking time and unfortunately i may have kinda made it rough by trying to trim the pages to fit through my document scanner. I didn't like the quality I got that way so I'm now running it through my flatbed so that is much slower going. I have 3 issues. #6, #8, and #7.
  6. hardcorehubz

    Missing Magazine: Foul, Videogame Subculture

    I actually have some of these from E3 back in 2002. They were handing out various issues. I'll work on scanning them!
  7. I don't know if this is a terrible idea or not but it's worked well for me. A tiny dab of Brasso on a rag rubbed for 5-10 seconds on the contacts of carts cleans even the dirtiest right up. Make sure and wipe up an excess as well, then I hit it with rubbing alcohol to make it shiny and clean any remaining brasso. Most games fire right up after this no problems.
  8. I am needing some money so have decided to finally let go of some of my magazine collection. I have a huge lot of Play Meter and Vending Times magazines up for auction on Ebay - Play Meter -http://www.ebay.com/itm/HUGE-Play-Meter-Arcade-Magazine-Collection-RARE-/281124793034?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item417457eaca Vending Times - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vending-Times-Arcade-Magazine-Lot-RARE-/281124797923?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item417457fde3 The Play Meters are in pretty great shape considering the age and only a couple are missing flyers that I have noticed. The Vending Times have not held up as well but most are complete outside of a couple of issues. I acquired both sets of these from an old operator long ago. I think some of the flyers could be sold out of the Play Meters for some decent money but I have no idea (Like a weird Gorgar one with a record?) I would donate them to scan but like I said I need some money or else I wouldn't even be selling them. I also have a vast collection of NIntendo Power, EGM, Strategy Guides, and Misc Magazines (FOUL, PSM, etc.) I'd be willing to possibly donate to be scanned or what not as a sign of goodwill to the community as I have downloaded various pdf's that others donated throughout the years and have enjoyed them. If anybody knows of any specific issues that are needing donated to be scanned let me know. Thanks for looking, and thanks to all the contributors over the years! - Dustin
  9. Hello hardcorehubz, Welcome to the Retromags Community!