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  1. Just seen Minority Report, it was an awesome film (like always I am 10 years behind the times) !

  2. Tonight's reading, Go for it Sakura! http://t.co/sCp1fmnBVc

  3. We are top of the league #lfc

  4. Interested in the DC game Cosmic Smash? I have put a little video on Youtube, apologies for the crap gaming skills! http://t.co/85hk2qR6DK

  5. Today's Friday offer at the DCgaga store, get a free copy of Sonic A, Capcom Vs SNK or Sega GT with all orders - http://t.co/oF0xtznJwe

  6. RT @markingdude: My order from @DreamcastGaga just came in today. Was awesome playing some new games. Thanks for the extra goodies! http://…

  7. Today's special at the DCgaga store, get Sonic A, Capcom Vs SNK or Sega GT with all orders - http://t.co/oF0xtznJwe

  8. Any Capcom vs SNK 2 fan NEED to check this FAQ - http://t.co/Ntuq3rKfz4

  9. Capcom Vs SNK 2 still with online play on DC #Gamingwish whats yours?

  10. RT @Jetup: Didn't notice that @DreamcastGaga had the most complete incompatibility list for VGA http://t.co/JkpkSbqwDy

  11. RT @SEGANerds: . @DreamcastGaga just published a great in-depth feature on the Street Fighter Zero series. Check it out: http://t.co/avLojU…

  12. Like #streetfighter ? Head over to the DCGAGA an check our in depth feature on the SF Zero/Alpha series - http://t.co/dm3CghLwi2#hadoken

  13. All great but which title has the best SF Zero artwork? http://t.co/4JcMHPsRX5

  14. Every wondered, WHY in SF? Well here's your answer.....http://t.co/cy40ak1y6J

  15. Continuing with the SF theme, which character from the Zero games was your favourite addition?

  16. Putting together a feature on the SF Zero/Alpha series for the site. So Twitter, which is your favourite and why?

  17. RT @pablo_0151: @DreamcastGaga I fear you may be right. Although I am hoping this Retro is Cool thing will die a death soon.

  18. Mrs kicking arse on Space Channel 5 part 2. I can't get off the second level, haha! http://t.co/IGasZXLNLa

  19. Todays lineup! Shame the wif always kicks my arse at puzzle fighter http://t.co/uNrnKvqzWk

  20. Finally plumped out for Street Fighter Zero 3 for the Saturn...my DC and Saturn SF collection is almost there!

  21. Mario 64 and Zelda OOT are waaaaaay overrated #confessyourunpopularopinion

  22. RT @MrBryanFigueroa: Fan of Shenmue? Join the Shenmue 500K group on Facebook & express your love & support for the Shenmue franchise :) htt…