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  1. RT @hide2k10: The largest photo ever taken of Tokyo is zoomable, and it is glorious http://t.co/SwVd7YRhfU

  2. RT @gamesyouloved: DECISIONS DECISIONSGo to work...or go to the arcade hmmmmmm #shenmue #sega #legend @gamesyouloved http://t.co/bjhIlQtQkd

  3. DCgaga Store Sale!!! Get 15% off all games bought today (Aug 1st) only at - http://t.co/ISWTaoZ39c

  4. Baseball fans, which baseball game is considered the best on Dreamcast?

  5. Thanks to everyone for their awesome support, DCgaga is officially now a dot com! http://t.co/khc8JIZWAv

  6. Any SNK fans who can tell me what exactly is holding conversions such as Garou back from being an authentic experience on the DC?

  7. I think today was our biggest ever at the DCgaga store!! Thanks to all of you who placed an order. Keep checking back!http://t.co/75U1RuL7j7

  8. If you're British, have a PSvita and PS plus then you need to get "When Vikings Attack", hilarious, stress relieving fun!

  9. Capcom Vs. SNK, who would really win? #UnansweredQuestions

  10. Debating whether to stump the cash for SF Zero 3 Saturn. Its the only SF title I'm missing on Saturn but already have it and FMS vers on DC

  11. RT @segaaddicts: Sega bids to purchase Atlus parent company http://t.co/OkKbeNKRBg

  12. Japan, the land of individuality http://t.co/OXB8Vl4xbD

  13. RT @MrBryanFigueroa: Fan of Shenmue? Join the Shenmue 500K group on Facebook & express your love & support for the Shenmue franchise :) htt…

  14. Mario 64 and Zelda OOT are waaaaaay overrated #confessyourunpopularopinion

  15. Finally plumped out for Street Fighter Zero 3 for the Saturn...my DC and Saturn SF collection is almost there!

  16. Todays lineup! Shame the wif always kicks my arse at puzzle fighter http://t.co/uNrnKvqzWk

  17. Mrs kicking arse on Space Channel 5 part 2. I can't get off the second level, haha! http://t.co/IGasZXLNLa

  18. RT @pablo_0151: @DreamcastGaga I fear you may be right. Although I am hoping this Retro is Cool thing will die a death soon.

  19. Putting together a feature on the SF Zero/Alpha series for the site. So Twitter, which is your favourite and why?

  20. Continuing with the SF theme, which character from the Zero games was your favourite addition?

  21. Every wondered, WHY in SF? Well here's your answer.....http://t.co/cy40ak1y6J