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  1. it's a great haul, but i don't think many of those are forgotten, that mostly looks like some pretty popular titles!
  2. hey all - i tragically lost my gaming mag collection in a storm years ago, and have been slowly replacing it. Nintendo Power, most EGM's (early 90's are tricky!) and Gamepro i've managed pretty well on craigslist, but i was a big fan of both Game Players & Gamefan, and they seem tricky to find. Almost neither show up much on craiglist (even searching other states), and ebay largely sucks since 90% seems like people asking $20 an issue with few buying. i try for lots but they're also rare. is there anywhere else i should be looking? i hit up garage sales here & there but have yet to see any mags, just wondering what other sites i should be looking at!
  3. eh, i havent paid more than $20 or so for even popular stuff like Devil's Crush, but yeah, PCE ones go for way cheaper on ebay...just pulled a lot of 6 of em for like $15 shipping, and they were all good titles! going region free makes it easier, but Air Zonk & a few others are still way too high.
  4. Hey all, haven't been on since the old site but I have a few issues i'm hoping to upload later - had some quick questions though, as I used to have an extensive gaming mag collection before a flood here years back... I've replaced many of my Nintendo Power & a few years of Gamepro, but I can't seem to find Game Players (Ultra as well) anywhere online, except a few spotty/overpriced issues on ebay. was it just not as popular? Also, ive got a guy offering about 4 years of gamefan, but he wants $200 and nearly half that to ship, which seems really high but I don't know what they go for now...assuming good condition, does that sound reasonable?
  5. Hello IrishNinja, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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