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  1. None. I do have a PS Classic - still in box - sitting here waiting to be modded though.
  2. OG Doom (PC) via Switch. I thought the console controls would be off-putting - originally having played it on it's native platform back in the day - but it isn't bad, actually. Recently finished some retro-inspired titles - Streets of Rage 4, Blaster Master Zero and Battle Princess Madelyn: Royal Edition.
  3. Metroid. Always Metroid. F-Zero. I'd even be happy with a collection or remaster at this point. Ristar. I'm actually hopeful for this one. Sega has been doing some great stuff lately, outsourcing their classic IPs. I hope Ristar makes the list someday. Chibi Robo. My kids would be thrilled.
  4. Turbografx-16 Mini. But if we're talking "proper" consoles, a PS4.
  5. If I recall correctly, this issue of VG&CE always felt like it opted for a lower weight cover stock. So thinner-than-usual cover pages that don't hold up well. Sorry, but my copy is in worse shape than the current scan.
  6. I've been watching My Life In Gaming for a couple of years now. The channel features an impressive level of retro-gaming expertise and fantastic production values. Definitely recommended. Glad to see they support RetroMags' preservation mission as well!
  7. Game Player's Issue 12 Volume 2 Number 6 (June 1990) - duplicate pg 62, missing pg 65
  8. Game Player's Buyer's Guide to Nintendo Games Vol.2 No.5 (October/November 1989) - pages 113,114,127,128 clipped
  9. I've mentioned this before, but I've always been under the impression RetroMags preserves newsletters that eventually evolved into magazines - otherwise, gaming newsletters are ignored. This is a shame as these newsletters are often rare and in more desperate need of preservation. They may not have much nostalgic merit but there's lots of historical value there. They should definitely be archived. Thanks, VGBounceHouse, for scanning these issues! You've performed a service for video game historians & researchers - these issues have eluded archivists for years.
  10. I still have a 28" CRT - which is beginning to fail, I believe, as I'm having light gun difficulties - as well as another stored away as a backup. Call me old fashioned but I prefer scan lines, fuzzy pixels, and no screen lag. The time, effort, and money involved to connect all my retro systems to a HDTV is also something I'd rather avoid. Not that I don't often retro game in HD but I prefer other options for modern displays - classic game collections for modern systems, neo-retro systems, mini plug-n-plays, SBC emulation consoles, etc.
  11. Like twiztor, I like to chronogame by game series or franchise. Probably explains why I appreciate franchise reboots more than most. Thanks for the Youtube recommendation, kitsunebi77. Padded my watch list.
  12. This is the only reason I'm considering a Playstation Classic as - postmortem - it's a mess when played stock. With the clearance prices, I'll probably grab one and take a stab at softmodding - something I haven't done with the other minis on the market. I don't have an extreme fondness or nostalgia for many PS1 games - most of the 3D titles haven't aged well - but there are enough 2D and 2.5D titles to make the effort worthwhile.
  13. Found this in issue 13. Only one code and the last name is a bit different - perhaps a typo?
  14. Very nice! I still have my Genesis box tucked away, along with many others. The collector bug, y'know. Coax adapter ftw.
  15. Starmaster for the Atari 2600 VCS. The game featured 1st person spaceship combat in a pseudo-3D environment, resource management strategy, and a navigation map screen accessed via the console's Color/B&W switch. Starmaster actually had something of a narrative as it ended when all of the enemies were defeated instead of throwing you into another game loop. Definitely ahead of its time considering the console.