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  1. 7 hours ago, E-Day said:

    I think we should archive them. I mean, why not? Someone out there somewhere may be looking for them one day. Plus now that we preserve everything, these should definitely be preserved. Maybe we don't need individual categories for them yet, but we can create a Newsletter category for them for the time being.

    I've mentioned this before, but I've always been under the impression RetroMags preserves newsletters that eventually evolved into magazines - otherwise, gaming newsletters are ignored. 

    This is a shame as these newsletters are often rare and in more desperate need of preservation.  They may not have much nostalgic merit but there's lots of historical value there.  They should definitely be archived.

    Thanks, VGBounceHouse, for scanning these issues!  You've performed a service for video game historians & researchers - these issues have eluded archivists for years.  :)

  2. I still have a 28" CRT - which is beginning to fail, I believe, as I'm having light gun difficulties - as well as another stored away as a backup.  Call me old fashioned but I prefer scan lines, fuzzy pixels, and no screen lag.

    The time, effort, and money involved to connect all my retro systems to a HDTV is also something I'd rather avoid.  Not that I don't often retro game in HD but I prefer other options for modern displays - classic game collections for modern systems, neo-retro systems, mini plug-n-plays, SBC emulation consoles, etc.


  3. On 2/20/2019 at 3:10 PM, Leathco said:

    Honestly, I love my PS Classic after modding it with Bleemsync.  It takes the packaged Euro games and bumps them back up to 60 hertz through the emulator for full speed gameplay, as well as gives you the option to switch from the internal emulator to Retroarch, and to sideload more games off of USB.  Right now I just have a small 32 gig stick but now have over 60 games loaded up on mine, its a blast and fits in great with my NES and SNES classics.  Oh, the Bleemsync hack also removes the USB limiter so the PS Classic can be powered from a TV USB port just like the NES and SNES instead of needing a power brick, helps a lot.

    This is the only reason I'm considering a Playstation Classic as - postmortem - it's a mess when played stock.  With the clearance prices, I'll probably grab one and take a stab at softmodding - something I haven't done with the other minis on the market.

    I don't have an extreme fondness or nostalgia for many PS1 games - most of the 3D titles haven't aged well - but there are enough 2D and 2.5D titles to make the effort worthwhile.

  4. Starmaster for the Atari 2600 VCS.  The game featured 1st person spaceship combat in a pseudo-3D environment, resource management strategy, and a navigation map screen accessed via the console's Color/B&W switch.  Starmaster actually had something of a narrative as it ended when all of the enemies were defeated instead of throwing you into another game loop.  Definitely ahead of its time considering the console.

  5. I can binge GDQ speed runs like they're going out of style.  Watching amazingly talented game players while raising money for charity - what's not to like?  I'm a huge fan of the Mario Marathon online fundraiser as well - have been for years.

    Otherwise, I'm not big on watching versus playing.  I have considered long plays of games I never seem to have the time for though.


  6. I replay games often, which probably explains why I'm so big on game ownership and will avoid DRMed digital-only and physical-digital hybrids at all costs.  If I pay for it, I'd like the opportunity to revisit it years later without double, triple, or quadruple dipping, thank ya very much.

    I'll replay various Mega Man, Castlevania and Metroid games annually, if not more.  Other franchises are revisited often too - Ninja Gaiden, Mario, etc.  Mostly action games that require little playtime once mastered.  They're like a comfort food without the calories.

    Though, funny enough, I'll double, triple, and quadruple dip for DRM-free digital or physical collections of games I already own.  I like to support such things and usually appreciate the bonus goodies or quality-of-life features thrown in.

    I don't replay neo-retro and modern games as often as they're lengthier and more involved.  That said, the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, Metroid Prime and Super Mario Sunshine are on deck for this winter.

  7. Really looking forward to this.  I have an original - picked one up years ago - but I don't play it nearly as often as I used to.  Sure, it'd be nice to break it out and dust it off but it's crazy expensive to support anymore.  And don't get me started about the add-ons.

    Talking about the TG-16 mini, btw.

    Nice to see CD-ROM games are included despite the form factor not reflecting the fact.  Would love to see Castlevania: Rondo of Blood finally receive an official, physical release in the states.  Even if it is by way of a mini plug-and-play.

    I'm surprised Konami is releasing it in the states, actually.  The TG-16 didn't exactly catch the gaming world on fire here.  Great system with some great games - I'm happy with the USA line-up thus far - but I can't imagine mainstream nostalgia will sell this one.

    Anyone know who will be handling the emulation?  Konami tapped M2 for their recent digital collections (Arcade, Castlevania, Contra).  Hopefully they're doing the same for this thing.


  8. 3 buttons vs. 6 buttons notwithstanding, this thing looks solid.  I have faith in M2's emulation talents and appreciate the unreleased games thrown in the mix.  If I hadn't picked up a repro of Mega Man: The Wily Wars a few years ago, I'm sure I'd be uber-excited.

    Like everyone, there are some titles I could have done without.  But this has always been subjective - personally, I love Altered Beast and don't mind wasting time with Sonic Spinball.  I doubt the Genesis version of Tetris has aged well, but damn, a Darius port out of the blue?!  Sign me up.

    A shame MUSHA didn't make the list.  I had hope - considering it made the Japan release - but I suppose licensing got in the way.

    Though Disney is onboard - a pleasant surprise.  I hope Sega will continue chasing licenses in the future.  Maybe Warner to score Batman: The Video Game and TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist.

    I also think this won't be Sega's last Genesis mini.  Unlike Nintendo - who are on record stating the NES and SNES Classic were fillers for hardware-weak holiday seasons - I can see Sega introducing a Model 2 Mini in the future.  Hopefully with 6-button controllers & the remaining core Sonic titles the second time out.

  9. I would like to see "Acquired" retired as well - active scanners can probably better use their "Work in Progress" threads to hash out acquisition details.  I do like "Vote To Preserve" - I think it's a helpful gauge as to what visitors are looking for - but I'm not sure where to find the vote results page.  Could swear one existed at some point.

    Loving the idea of an inventory/collection tracking system!  I've been wanting this for a good while now - I may have discussed it elsewhere in the forums, actually.  Beyond the utility of the idea, I wouldn't be surprised if the functionality attracts serious video game & computer magazine collectors who may eventually contribute to the site.

    I'd like to see collection tracking take both digital and physical into account.  So something like the following:

    • Have - Physical and/or digital
    • Want - Physical and/or digital
    • Selling - Physical

    Allowing a collector to flag both Have and Want for any given magazine should be a given.  This would take into account wanted condition upgrades, digital copies to supplement physical, higher-res scans, etc.

    Mass Add/Remove options would be nice as well.  Perhaps by entering a range of issue numbers for any particular magazine.

    Thinking about it, "Want - Digital" data could essentially replace "Vote to Preserve" if lists are public.

  10. I'm definitely interested in those, @Terry93D.  I have most of what you listed but had no idea Pat made Fantazine available digitally at some point.

    Btw, I remember Jess mentioning he had edited/censored some of his digital releases.  Thought I'd mention it for anyone wondering why portions of Concept or P:I or Blitz appear missing.


  11. Thanks for the post, and a belated welcome to RetroMags!

    The last issue I'm aware of is issue 20 but I haven't confirmed if this is the final.  And we've yet to track down the cover for issue 18 either.  (I might spend some time digging a bit - haven't researched this zine for a couple years or so.)

    Sorry we can't be of much help at the moment - this magazine is surprisingly elusive for whatever reason.

    We have a running discussion about Pocket Games magazine if you'd like to help out or have any other questions.