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  1. Wow, thanks for looking into it, at least their is a growing list of what magazine it wasnt. Its just like my gaming collection I'd always sell off what I had for something new ignoreing the old when I was a kid. Now my friends have collections I envy and Im rebuying things I had. I wish I had the sense to apperciate being published even if it was just for laughs. lol
  2. Thanks for the input....It was a USA publication I used to get sent to my home in the 90s. I'm leaning towards EGM. This magazine had a monthly page dedicated to reader ideas, they would also poke fun at the ideas to keep it interesting. It would print several of the readers ideas and comment on them...usually negative but in good humor most of the time. I know it wasnt Nintendo Power because I remember them covering a few platforms.
  3. I need some help finding magazines that published reader game ideas. Between 93-96 sometime I was published in one and I would like to try and locate a copy somehow. I dont remember which magazine it was sadly. Im leaning strongly on it being a 94 or 95 september issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hello Enigma, Welcome to the Retromags Community!