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  1. Activities I never quite expected to have on my agenda today: Spray-painting a couple of curtain rods flat black. Kind of fun, though.

  2. Why I actively avoid watching or contributing in any way to any sports but casual games between a bunch of friends.

  3. When -Snooki- is one of your defenders, it's time to re-examine your life choices.

  4. "Have you considered the corrective course of killing him and burying the body?"

  5. Just ordered the Allons-y! shirt. :D

  6. Pardon me, the red mist of rage is descending again.

  7. The smell of gingerbread cookie (candle) and the warmth of a mug of cocoa. Ahhh, October is finally properly here.

  8. "I find those to be suitable excuses. Your stabbings have become slightly less imminent."

  9. Now that I've seen Serenity, I can say it: CEILING RIVER IS WATCHING YOU FORNICATE.

  10. "Oh come ON game, I didn't trash the place THIS much!" XD

  11. Typical. Buy a $250 game system - use it to play music from the computer. XD

  12. This is a t-shirt now - bought it last night. :D

  13. Brain automatically filled in: "This is not my beautiful wife!" XD

  14. Having the right letters to play "ABOOT" and discovering the dictionary doesn't count it - :'(-inducing.