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  1. in all honesty, they could have had that person on staff already, so the need was fulfilled before your application was processed. i mean, i'll hate on EGM with the best of them, but there could be a reasonable explanation. not that you'll ever get one. (just like a prepaid subscription. BOOM!)
  2. with a cover like that how can i NOT download and read? this is awesome, thanks for your hard work!!
  3. welcome! umm......back! i know the Playstation Classic doesn't have the best reputation, but there are a TON of great games that came out for the OG PSX. maybe someday more of it will be appreciated (and not just the RPGs)
  4. So, i bought and scanned both issues of the Where's Waldo magazine from the early '90s. I know it's not retro video game related, but kind of a neat obscure little mag anyway. Here's some links for anyone interested.
  5. i think i paid $40 for mine, but i concur.
  6. and now I've spent way too much time watching that channel. thanks, all!
  7. i don't relate DIRECTLY to this, as i've never felt the need to play absolutely EVERYTHING, but do deal with something similar. if a game/series comes out that i'm interested in, i have to start at the beginning. take the Metroid series, for example. I won't play Super Metroid until I beat the original and the GameBoy sequel. for offshoots like the Metroid Prime series, i could skip to that series, but couldn't jump in with the upcoming Prime 4. I'd have to play through all three previous entries (i beat the original Prime back when it came out for the GameCube, but haven't played the others). This leads me to be VERY hesitant about starting new games/series, as it could quickly add 5 games to my "To Play" list before i could even start on a new one that interests me. This also relates to movies, comic books, and other ventures too. It's frustrating but also deeply rewarding when i am completely caught up.
  8. gave up on Sonic Mania on the Switch. I'm having WAY too much trouble with these boss fights. my brain just doesn't comprehend Sonic games correctly. now alternating Hollow Knight (Switch) and Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii). enjoying them both quite a bit. neither of the Mario Galaxy games really get much respect, but they're solid follow-ups to Mario 64.
  9. All solid points kitsunemi. While i'm not disagreeing, let me point out my perspective. Personally, i live within my nostalgia. I love flipping through old Nintendo Power mags, while still admitting that they were 100% written for kids. I feel like as long as you can accept something for what it is, not what you think it is/remember it being/etc., those things can still be appreciated. The games that NP pushed heavily tended to be some of the better games, so even looking past the cheesiness, it did separate the cream from the crop somewhat. As for Transformers, i LOVE '80s cartoons, despite the (many) flaws looking at them through 2019's eyes. TF and GI Joe are still in regular rotation in my household. As is Captain N: The Game Master, if that tells you anything!
  10. welcome to the site! what are your favorite Genesis games? I don't have a ton of Sega experience, but i always enjoyed Comix Zone, Sonic 2 & Knuckles, and Golden Axe
  11. holy shit! that would take insane levels of dedication to legitimately beat. I've never heard of that before and am horrified/amazed/intrigued.
  12. Retromags Presents! Nintendo Power Flash Issue 9 (Fall 1990) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: twiztor    Edited By: twiztor    Uploaded By: twiztor Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Nintendo Power Flash Issue 9 (Fall 1990)
  14. Retromags Presents! Nintendo Power Flash Issue 7 (Spring 1990) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: twiztor    Edited By: twiztor    Uploaded By: twiztor Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Nintendo Power Flash Issue 7 (Spring 1990)