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  1. i have never really been big into sports. In real life, that is. Sports games i tend to not enjoy in the long haul, but there are some serious exceptions to that: on the NES, i LOVE Tecmo Super Bowl. whenever friends gather at my house, we're practically guaranteed to play some TSB. i prefer it to Tecmo Bowl, as all the teams are included, the number of potential plays has doubled, and it's just more balanced and fun overall. Back in the day we played lots of Double Dribble and Blades of Steel, but i haven't tried them out in years. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out was already mentioned as being a great game, but it is also unmistakably a sports game, so that counts as wel. sports games really got good by the time we made it to the N64. i prefer mine more arcadey, less realistic, so i've tended to focus that way. NFL Blitz is awesome. Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (which later turned into the NHL Hitz series) is fun. NBA Hangtime (successor to NBA Jam) is amazing. i really liked All Star Baseball '99, but YMMV on that one. Take it a step further and games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or 1080 Snowboarding were hugely popular and a lot of fun too.
  2. i think this discussion really goes to show how deep the PSX library was. Everybody has their dream list, and while there are crossover games, each list definitely stands on their own. Contrast this with the unconfirmed n64 classic, and everybody's list would look virtually identical. and i say that as someone who never really dived into the PlayStation all that much but loved the n64.
  3. i've broken the top 10 on the retromags team! that means i've passed Phillyman2 and Phillyman3, and all three Hidingers! i've only got a measly 130,000 credit, but i'm happy to be contributing!
  4. yikes, that list! but yes, let's hate on USA liking Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! the USA list actually has a lot more variety as far as publishers, genre, and franchises. Pretty neat to think about. you're doing excellent work, kitsunebi!
  5. i picked up a copy of Captain Rainbow for the Wii. this game was released only in Japan, but i always thought it was neat. My Wii isn't modded, so i can't play the game. I've been watching a video of a full playthrough as a way to play but not play. other than that, i'll catch some speedruns now and then, but that's about it. i don't really understand the Let's Play style of videos either.
  6. i have never seen those 'cubic mouth' drawings ever. i wish i still hadn't.
  7. remember Domo? that got pushed in the U.S. as super popular in Japan, but never really caught on. Was Domo really that popular over there, and does that popularity continue or did it fall off?
  8. looks really good! i look forward to seeing the map (mainly just to hear stories of your frustration about scanning it)
  9. as far as the top 10 list goes, i'd never heard of #1 Doraemon or #4 Anpanman. I didn't realize Totoro was as highly revered there as he apparently is (PS i've barely seen any of the Studio Ghibli films, need to get on that!). Cool to see Godzilla on there. Is he still mega popular, or is it just a wave because of the recent revitalization of the character? i'd also never heard of Duffy Bear. i had to Google it to see what it even was. I'm still not sure how something like that can get popular without ever, you know, appearing in a Disney cartoon. bizarre.
  10. dang man, that's in great condition! good find!! i collect games, currently working on a complete Sega 32x set. i love the weird stuff that gets little/no love. don't really care about cardboard boxes, to me they don't add anything but just take up space.
  11. slow drivers that refuse to stay in the right lane. anybody that swerves back-and-forth. within their own lane is bad enough, but when they start crossing over the center line it just gets dangerous and i get angry. people that never look up from their cell phones. what the hell is wrong with you?!? a friend once told me that he only ever sees me get mad at two games and driving. seems pretty accurate.
  12. unsupported? there are TWO WHOLE GAMES that ROB is compatible with!
  13. we've got two cats. one is not so good at jumping and also can't make it atop the bed. We set a stool next to the bed. The cat is able to jump onto that and then onto the bed. I know numerous people who have some sort of "pet stairs" and they all are appreciative for their pets being able to make it onto the bed.
  14. as am i, depending on issue numbers and if they have the posters.
  15. sorry, i've only got about a dozen n64 boxes, and none of them are ones you're looking for.