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  1. i can't comprehend why Sega thought this was even a reasonable idea, let alone a project to actually release?
  2. i've known for a long time that my memory is faulty, but i would've sworn that it added objectives for each difficulty. oh well. Also, i double checked, and i do NOT own this mag any more. But i did find a Super Mario RPG guide that i didn't know i had. i guess that's a win?
  3. 25 years later, i always see this on lists of "N64 HIDDEN GEMS". i don't think i've ever played it.
  4. i definitely owned this guide...maybe i still do? used the hell out of it when i was trying to clear 00 Agent.
  5. strategy guides for fighting games generally list all the special moves for each character. i had friends that dominated in Mortal Kombat for that reason. Until i used the internet for the first time and just wrote down all of the combos. EVEN ODDS NOW, YOU BASTARDS!! i think the newest strategy guide i owned was for Final Fantasy 7. still have it, but it's all water damaged now. oh well.
  6. yes, for the n64. And it is not good. i probably don't want to know.
  7. i will admit that i do enjoy the game. definitely not a favorite or anything, but yeah the value comes from its rarity. I've only seen a couple change hands in the 10 years i've known about it even existing.
  8. update: they wanted it WAY more than me. sold for over $500! nice work Rukes, that's a pretty rad haul!
  9. definitely some solid quality stuff in there. I was watching the Milon's Secret Castle guide (those very rarely pop up for sale!) but looks like a couple people want it more than i do.
  10. i never got too into PC games, and the NES was/is my first love. if we're talking late '80s/early '90s, my list is going to be practically all NES. definitely some fun lists here already. i like that we've all used slightly different criteria, but all are accurate.
  11. here's my list. i tried to only include games that were released in North America in 1988. Apologies if a date is off here or there. LOTS of good stuff came out this year! #10- RC Pro-Am! didn't really like this when i was a kid but i can appreciate it more now #9- Bionic Commando the inability to jump didn't bother me too much, because that robotic arm was awesome! #8- Milon's Secret Castle had this game as a kid. never really understood it, never got very far, but i always enjoyed it. some day, this game will get its due respect. #7- Castlevania 2 played this a lot. actually had this but not CV1, so this was really my introduction to the series. #6- Bubble Bobble my wife's favorite game. good, clean fun. #5- Contra THE epitome of "run 'n' gun". plus it popularized the konami code, which i have tattoo'd on my leg. #4- Adventure Island another series that i love that never really gets the praise i feel it should. also likely led to my lifetime dislike of eggplants. #3- Double Dragon i have always loved this game. the sequel is apparently closer to the arcade and therefore more beloved, but give me this version any day of the week! #2- Super Mario Bros 2 still love this game. the ability to pick Luigi was aces. #1- Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link. Zelda is one of my all-time favorite series, so this of course tops the list. I still have this giant overworld map i made back in the '90s. I know it gets a bad rep, but i always enjoyed it.
  12. watched this back when it was posted, but never commented. fun video. thanks for sharing. this was always one of my favorite arcade games ever, and i spent seemingly millions of quarters playing this as a kid.
  13. in all honesty, they could have had that person on staff already, so the need was fulfilled before your application was processed. i mean, i'll hate on EGM with the best of them, but there could be a reasonable explanation. not that you'll ever get one. (just like a prepaid subscription. BOOM!)
  14. with a cover like that how can i NOT download and read? this is awesome, thanks for your hard work!!