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  1. Tips&Tricks was the mag i would always look for after "Nintendo Power" was no longer cool. i still loved NP, but when i was in study hall or whatever, i couldn't be seen reading it, so i reached for T&T or, if that was taken, EGM.
  2. if a link to those would make it my way, i wouldn't complain!
  3. i want to point out that 7 months after this post, a worldwide pandemic broke out, granting me weeks and weeks of free time since i was laid off from work. I used that time to do exactly what i explained in my post: Playing through Metroid 1, 2, Super Metroid, Fusion, Zero Mission, and ultimately Dread as well. Started Prime but wasn't feeling it, so i put it back on the backburner. Hopefully it doesn't take another disaster to make me pick it up again. Took the same approach to CastleVania (beat 1-4 & Symphony of the Night) and Bloodstained (beat Curse of the Moon 1 & 2 and Ritual of the Night) and Kid Icarus (1, 2, & Uprising). It was a hell of a summer. I'm trying to use that as motivation to keep playing through game series that i've long wanted to complete- back in December & January i beat Mega Man 1-8 & X. Started the Luigi's Mansion series (beat the first two, so far i'm about 1/3 of the way into #3).
  4. I received Luigi's Mansion 3 as an X-Mas gift, so i took the opportunity to play through the series. i beat Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 earlier this year, just started #3 this weekend. decently fun so far. also was working my way through the Mega Man games. beat 1-8 and X, but Mega Man & Bass (Game Boy Advance version) was giving me troubles and frustration so i shelved it for good for now. Ended up ordering a repro of the SNES version, so i'll probably get back on that horse at some point.....
  5. i can't help you out, but i commend you on this. Collecting all of the cards is something i looked into once upon a time but was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cards released. Good luck rounding this out!
  6. the one i've easily used the most is this Official Final Fantasy 7 guide from Brady Games: i still have my copy from the 90s. It is beat up pretty bad and has some water damage, but i refuse to give it up.
  7. ok, this is an AWESOME name for a guide. it certainly got my attention!
  8. i'm a bit puzzled by who needs an NBA Jam Player's Guide. i mean, i guess if you want to find all the secret characters, but it seems a bit unnecessary, you know?
  9. the links in the original post don't work anymore. Is it possible to jump back in somehow?
  10. ahh, Nintendogs. i was trying to figure out how tihs could possibly be a supplement for NP. Honestly, i thought E-Day was just early on his April Fool's Day gag this year.
  11. @E-Day i just want you to know that i very much appreciate all the work you put in for this database. You've scanned and released hundreds (thousands?) of magazines. You're a first class scanner! the recent wealth of Nintendo Power does my heart good.
  12. it was fun playing my favorite game of all time (LOZ1) on a new platform. There's obviously many better ways to play the game (i think i can play it on 5 systems maybe?) but i'm such a sucker for Zelda 1 rereleases i couldn't turn it down.
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