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  1. in all honesty, they could have had that person on staff already, so the need was fulfilled before your application was processed. i mean, i'll hate on EGM with the best of them, but there could be a reasonable explanation. not that you'll ever get one. (just like a prepaid subscription. BOOM!)
  2. with a cover like that how can i NOT download and read? this is awesome, thanks for your hard work!!
  3. welcome! umm......back! i know the Playstation Classic doesn't have the best reputation, but there are a TON of great games that came out for the OG PSX. maybe someday more of it will be appreciated (and not just the RPGs)
  4. So, i bought and scanned both issues of the Where's Waldo magazine from the early '90s. I know it's not retro video game related, but kind of a neat obscure little mag anyway. Here's some links for anyone interested.
  5. i think i paid $40 for mine, but i concur.
  6. and now I've spent way too much time watching that channel. thanks, all!
  7. i don't relate DIRECTLY to this, as i've never felt the need to play absolutely EVERYTHING, but do deal with something similar. if a game/series comes out that i'm interested in, i have to start at the beginning. take the Metroid series, for example. I won't play Super Metroid until I beat the original and the GameBoy sequel. for offshoots like the Metroid Prime series, i could skip to that series, but couldn't jump in with the upcoming Prime 4. I'd have to play through all three previous entries (i beat the original Prime back when it came out for the GameCube, but haven't played the others). This leads me to be VERY hesitant about starting new games/series, as it could quickly add 5 games to my "To Play" list before i could even start on a new one that interests me. This also relates to movies, comic books, and other ventures too. It's frustrating but also deeply rewarding when i am completely caught up.
  8. gave up on Sonic Mania on the Switch. I'm having WAY too much trouble with these boss fights. my brain just doesn't comprehend Sonic games correctly. now alternating Hollow Knight (Switch) and Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii). enjoying them both quite a bit. neither of the Mario Galaxy games really get much respect, but they're solid follow-ups to Mario 64.
  9. All solid points kitsunemi. While i'm not disagreeing, let me point out my perspective. Personally, i live within my nostalgia. I love flipping through old Nintendo Power mags, while still admitting that they were 100% written for kids. I feel like as long as you can accept something for what it is, not what you think it is/remember it being/etc., those things can still be appreciated. The games that NP pushed heavily tended to be some of the better games, so even looking past the cheesiness, it did separate the cream from the crop somewhat. As for Transformers, i LOVE '80s cartoons, despite the (many) flaws looking at them through 2019's eyes. TF and GI Joe are still in regular rotation in my household. As is Captain N: The Game Master, if that tells you anything!
  10. welcome to the site! what are your favorite Genesis games? I don't have a ton of Sega experience, but i always enjoyed Comix Zone, Sonic 2 & Knuckles, and Golden Axe
  11. holy shit! that would take insane levels of dedication to legitimately beat. I've never heard of that before and am horrified/amazed/intrigued.
  12. Retromags Presents! Nintendo Power Flash Issue 9 (Fall 1990) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: twiztor    Edited By: twiztor    Uploaded By: twiztor Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Nintendo Power Flash Issue 9 (Fall 1990)
  14. Retromags Presents! Nintendo Power Flash Issue 7 (Spring 1990) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: twiztor    Edited By: twiztor    Uploaded By: twiztor Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Nintendo Power Flash Issue 7 (Spring 1990)
  16. just purchased an almost complete set of this mag (missing issue #01) last week. one of my first thoughts was to get some scans up of the missing issues. uploaded to Mediafire for now, until someone higher up the food chain than me can add them to the site.
  17. well that is certainly an eclectic mix of reading materials. not sure what your end game is, but props to working towards it!
  18. someone on another forum documented all the Nintendo Power variant covers/posters/extras.
  19. the Marvel movies are, without a doubt, the most exciting cinematic franchise that i've ever followed. And i LOVE the Star Wars franchise. I can't wait for Endgame. for the last few Marvel movies i've (more or less) avoided trailers and am more than happy with my virginal viewings. i CANNOT wait for Endgame. no other movies have built up like this, it is an amazing experience.
  20. my subscription to Nintendo Power netted a handful of VHS tapes. i watched them all numerous times and dreamed about the day when i could play these games. Besides Star Fox 64, my favorite one was "Change the System". i loved these tapes, but the magazines let me read and reread at school, where a VHS would not have been possible. for that reason, i was happy to have the magazines. Along with my saved magazine files, i also keep downloaded video files of these videos (from youtube or whatever). they worked well together and i'm happy for both.
  21. i have never really been big into sports. In real life, that is. Sports games i tend to not enjoy in the long haul, but there are some serious exceptions to that: on the NES, i LOVE Tecmo Super Bowl. whenever friends gather at my house, we're practically guaranteed to play some TSB. i prefer it to Tecmo Bowl, as all the teams are included, the number of potential plays has doubled, and it's just more balanced and fun overall. Back in the day we played lots of Double Dribble and Blades of Steel, but i haven't tried them out in years. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out was already mentioned as being a great game, but it is also unmistakably a sports game, so that counts as wel. sports games really got good by the time we made it to the N64. i prefer mine more arcadey, less realistic, so i've tended to focus that way. NFL Blitz is awesome. Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (which later turned into the NHL Hitz series) is fun. NBA Hangtime (successor to NBA Jam) is amazing. i really liked All Star Baseball '99, but YMMV on that one. Take it a step further and games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or 1080 Snowboarding were hugely popular and a lot of fun too.
  22. i think this discussion really goes to show how deep the PSX library was. Everybody has their dream list, and while there are crossover games, each list definitely stands on their own. Contrast this with the unconfirmed n64 classic, and everybody's list would look virtually identical. and i say that as someone who never really dived into the PlayStation all that much but loved the n64.
  23. i've broken the top 10 on the retromags team! that means i've passed Phillyman2 and Phillyman3, and all three Hidingers! i've only got a measly 130,000 credit, but i'm happy to be contributing!
  24. yikes, that list! but yes, let's hate on USA liking Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! the USA list actually has a lot more variety as far as publishers, genre, and franchises. Pretty neat to think about. you're doing excellent work, kitsunebi!
  25. i picked up a copy of Captain Rainbow for the Wii. this game was released only in Japan, but i always thought it was neat. My Wii isn't modded, so i can't play the game. I've been watching a video of a full playthrough as a way to play but not play. other than that, i'll catch some speedruns now and then, but that's about it. i don't really understand the Let's Play style of videos either.