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  1. @E-Day i just want you to know that i very much appreciate all the work you put in for this database. You've scanned and released hundreds (thousands?) of magazines. You're a first class scanner! the recent wealth of Nintendo Power does my heart good.
  2. it was fun playing my favorite game of all time (LOZ1) on a new platform. There's obviously many better ways to play the game (i think i can play it on 5 systems maybe?) but i'm such a sucker for Zelda 1 rereleases i couldn't turn it down.
  3. i just picked up the new Legend of Zelda Game & Watch. does that count as a system?
  4. yes, both Bomberman and Waluigi are already assist trophies. that's what i was trying to imply. guess it didn't come across that way. mildly disappointed that Crash didn't make the cut. i'm pretty ambivalent towards Sora- i've also never played a Kingdom Hearts game. But he seemed to be one of, if not the, most requested character, so i'm glad so many people got what they were requesting.
  5. quick story about this movie: i watched it when it was new to video and liked it, but didn't love it. a year or two later, i was in the mood for a Will Ferrell movie (i think i had just wanted Elf and wanted more of that kind of comedy). Decided to watch Anchorman again, as i "liked it enough to put on in the background while i do other stuff". i couldn't take my eyes off the screen, and laughed my ass off the entire way through. I don't know why it hit me so much more the second time, but it's now one of my favorite comedies.
  6. i'm still holding out hope for Crash. i mean, Bomberman or Waluigi would be my preference, but what ya gonna do?
  7. very cool, i've never seen this. was this an insert into an issue of Nintendo Power or something put out independent of the mag?
  8. well at least you've got Madden '04 to balance out the value. P.S. why did they release a 2004 version of that on the PS1? the PS2 had been out for THREE YEARS! and holy shit, i just checked and Madden '05 released on the PS1 too? is this crazy land?
  9. in a word, yes. my favorite game of all time is the original Legend of Zelda, which i have beaten dozens of times but always come back to. there's something about those classic NES games that i just can't quit (cue a Brokeback Mountain .gif). SMB1-3, LoZ 1-2, Kirby's Adventure, etc.). And there's even more games that i never beat but i still want to play all the time. Adventure Island, Milon's Secret Castle, Double Dragon, Battletoads, the list goes on.....). I play all of these casually, so there's virtually no chance i will ever beat them, but i just enjoy running through the first few levels. On another note, last year was the first time i gave an honest playthrough to the NES Metroid, and i fell in love. I wanted to replay it immediately after beating it. Even after i went through Metroid 2 and Super Metroid, I just really wanted to replay the NES game.
  10. Here's a few minor beliefs: Donkey Kong Country, without Donkey Kong himself, is not worth playing. I know, DKC2 is regarded as the better game, but if i can't play as the titular character, why bother? Bomberman, while popular, should have always been one of the stalwarts of a video game console. i have NEVER played a multiplayer Bomberman session that didn't result in EVERY SINGLE PERSON having an absolute blast. Bomberman should be a pop culture icon and regarded as one of the greatest video game icons of all time. Captain N: The Game Master was an excellent cartoon and it should have a bigger impact on Nintendo culture. I would shell out big bucks for a Captain N/Duke/Princess Lana/narcissistic Simon Belmont/green Mega Man/mini Kid Icarus amiibo set. Hell, i'd even splurge for Mother Brain/King Hippo/Eggplant Wizard. this is probably not controversial, but i really wish Captain Rainbow had been released in North America. as it is, i own a Japanese copy and settle for Youtube playthroughs. Totally not the same! OK, now you've gone too far. absolute power corrupts, absolutely!
  11. maybe i already posted in this thread, i don't know and i'm not gonna check, but i just don't see how this would be financially viable. So much of the appeal of the n64 is the multiplayer aspect: Goldeneye, Mario Kart, the wrestling games, etc. that i just don't see Nintendo making this. Also, the cost of creating a mini-n64 controller seems unlikely. If they changed the controller, the console loses so much of its identity. If they don't, i can't see a way they can make this and keep the cost consumer friendly. and, at this point, we're a few years past the mini-console craze, so i put the likelihood of an n64-mini at around 13.5%.
  12. i hope someone is able to help you (sorry, that's not me!) i had a both of those WWF games back in the day, and man, those aren't good. they tried to take the Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter system of directional codes to pull off wrestling moves, and it just never played natural. They looked good back then, tho, once the AKI/THQ games came out it was game over. a strategy guide is practically essential for playing. All that being said, i still enjoy Legends of Wrestling 3: Showdown. i wouldn't mind seeing a strategy guide of that either. ugh, now i'm going to have to search for one and start playing the game again! thanks a lot, @WarnerShane! (all in good fun!)
  13. fully agreed. i have never had my own office, but my company is currently in plans to build a new HQ. there is no doubt that i end up with not only my own office, but a big one at that. I'm actually having a difficult time processing that. but i also very much look forward to decorating my office. but i'm a little intimidated with that same fact. I mean, obviously i will have my "signed" (not really signed) photo of Tom Anderson (Myspace Tom, which ALWAYS elicits a confused look from visitors) on display. And i'm working on a "treasure map" based off the OG Legend of Zelda. But what other crazy/awesome/confusing artifacts do i show off?
  14. i was ready to come in and hate on this thread (all in good fun, obviously!) but then you make it a Seinfeld issue. Mucho props, sir!
  15. don't kill my vibe, @Phillyman! i'm trying to humblebrag here and i don't need you destroying my cred! just playing. you know i love you.
  16. you guys are all crazy. Black Widow was a great movie and i very much enjoyed it.
  17. i don't mean to brag, but according to the badges screen, i have earned 4 of 14 ranks and am in the top 1% of all members! and i've barely done anything besides hang out for a long time and post occasionally! you can do it too! (yeah, ok, both @Phillyman and @Areala, the only other two people to post in this thread, are way ahead of me, but so what!)
  18. hey Nintendo Power! all right!! thanks @MigJmz
  19. i work in an office attached to a warehouse, with duties covering both ends of that spectrum. So while i was lucky enough to be laid off for 16 weeks last year (i say lucky because i was able to still get paid), i've been "back to work" since August of last year. no work from home here.
  20. your collection is set to private. didn't even know that was a thing and just adjusted mine as well.
  21. i've got a pretty good sized game collection, mostly Nintendo stuff. according to GameValueNow (it calculates prices similar to PriceCharting) i have a total value of $22,000 in games and accessories. It's really hard not to cash out, as i can't see these prices staying at this level for much longer before they start to decline again. On the other hand, i'm so happy that i've been doing this for as long as i have so i was able to get all the games i've wanted for more reasonable prices. I long for the days when i didn't buy Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES) because $50 was just too much for a 15 year old game. But looking at today's price of $395.64, i'm certainly glad i eventually talked myself into spending that $50. i've got a complete Sega 32x and complete Virtual Boy collection (both loose, no boxes or manuals). Not highly desirable, but i got them because they were neat oddities. Jack Bros (VB) is now $591, i paid ~$150. Spider-Man: Web of Fire (32x) is now $338, i paid $99 (and both were way more than i wanted to spend!). I never would have been able to grab these collections at current rate. Thank god i didn't go for Saturn or SegaCD. those prices were already crazy before all this happened! edit: https://collection.gamevaluenow.com/share/collection?id=2745 adding a link, since @Arealadid.
  22. Every time i see this topic trending, all i can think about is that sweet, sweet Megatron Sega Genesis that someone posted here a couple years ago. https://www.amazon.com/Takara-Tomy-Megatron-Transformers-Action/dp/B00KXQKVIW they also made a pretty cool Optimus Prime/Playstation, but this one is way better. I'm just lucky they never made one with an NES or N64 or i would have had to buy a couple of those!
  23. i've been hyped and waiting for this for over a year. Sadly didn't get a chance to see it opening weekend, but will surely make up for that soon. Superheroes are a lifelong passion. Games, Comics, Cartoons, Movies, Action Figures, you name it, i love it!
  24. wow, this is very cool and i hope it drives participation. I still lurk here pretty frequently but will admit that my forum participation has dropped significantly the last couple of years. and no, i'm not just posting this to see what my ranking/points/achievements are......
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